Proof of God’s appearance

I take Sam (5) to see The Last Mimzy. Before the movie, there is a trailer for the upcoming Evan Almighty, starring Steve Carell as Evan and Morgan Freeman as God.

During the trailer, Sam points to Morgan Freeman.

SAM. That’s God?
DAD. Yes.
SAM. I told you he looks like Mace Windu!
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Kids say the darndest things

A conversation I had today with my four-year-old son:

SAM: Dad? How did God make everything, and make people, and make them talk?
DAD: Um, well, that’s a good question. And you know, a lot of people spend their whole lives thinking about that and some of them never come up with a good answer.
SAM: But how did he do it?
DAD: Well, the story goes, a long time ago, there wasn’t anything, and God decided there should be things, and he just made them out of nothing.
SAM: But how did he do that?
DAD: I guess you could say he’s magic.
SAM: Huh. And where does he live?
DAD: Where does he live?
SAM: Yeah, like in a house, or where?
DAD: Well, no one knows where God lives. Some people say he’s everywhere. In the rocks, in the trees, in the air.
SAM: Can he fly?
DAD: They say that God can do anything, sweetie.
SAM: What does he look like?
DAD: That’s another very good question.
SAM: You know what I think he looks like?
DAD: I would love to know what you think God looks like.
SAM: Well, you know that guy from Star Wars? [Sam has never seen Star Wars; he has only seen the action figures]
DAD: Which one?
SAM: He’s got a round head? And like a robe? And, like, light-brown skin?
DAD: What?
SAM: Yeah, like a round head, and a robe, and like, dark, light-brown skin.
DAD: Is he a guy or a robot?
SAM: He’s a guy.
DAD: Um [does a quick catalogue in his head of Star Wars action figures] — you mean Mace Windu?
SAM: That’s the guy.

So, there you are. From the mouths of babes. Or at least pre-schoolers. God looks like Samuel L. Jackson.
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