Sam has a question

Because of images like this (courtesy of

 ), Sam (6) is under the impression that Buddhists once lived on Naboo. We attended a wedding over the weekend at a Zen temple and all Sam saw in the garden was “Buddha statues, you know, like on Naboo.” So for him, that’s pretty much where Buddhism started — a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

I see no reason to contradict him — as far as I know, there is no rule against bodhisattvas showing up on other planets in ancient history. Anyone know who these ancient statues are supposed to be? When were they built (in Star Wars time), who built them, why? And is it sacrilege for a Gungan to perch on one when calling his army to battle a bunch of robots?

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Proof of God’s appearance

I take Sam (5) to see The Last Mimzy. Before the movie, there is a trailer for the upcoming Evan Almighty, starring Steve Carell as Evan and Morgan Freeman as God.

During the trailer, Sam points to Morgan Freeman.

SAM. That’s God?
DAD. Yes.
SAM. I told you he looks like Mace Windu!
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Kids say the darndest things

A conversation I had today with my four-year-old son:

SAM: Dad? How did God make everything, and make people, and make them talk?
DAD: Um, well, that’s a good question. And you know, a lot of people spend their whole lives thinking about that and some of them never come up with a good answer.
SAM: But how did he do it?
DAD: Well, the story goes, a long time ago, there wasn’t anything, and God decided there should be things, and he just made them out of nothing.
SAM: But how did he do that?
DAD: I guess you could say he’s magic.
SAM: Huh. And where does he live?
DAD: Where does he live?
SAM: Yeah, like in a house, or where?
DAD: Well, no one knows where God lives. Some people say he’s everywhere. In the rocks, in the trees, in the air.
SAM: Can he fly?
DAD: They say that God can do anything, sweetie.
SAM: What does he look like?
DAD: That’s another very good question.
SAM: You know what I think he looks like?
DAD: I would love to know what you think God looks like.
SAM: Well, you know that guy from Star Wars? [Sam has never seen Star Wars; he has only seen the action figures]
DAD: Which one?
SAM: He’s got a round head? And like a robe? And, like, light-brown skin?
DAD: What?
SAM: Yeah, like a round head, and a robe, and like, dark, light-brown skin.
DAD: Is he a guy or a robot?
SAM: He’s a guy.
DAD: Um [does a quick catalogue in his head of Star Wars action figures] — you mean Mace Windu?
SAM: That’s the guy.

So, there you are. From the mouths of babes. Or at least pre-schoolers. God looks like Samuel L. Jackson.
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