Piece in The Guardian

Well folks, here I am with my graphics pieces in The Guardian. I’ll be the first to admit, this is weird.


4 Responses to “Piece in The Guardian”
  1. Mark Lamb says:

    They are stunning!

  2. Are you aware of this? I don’t see an artist credit and wonder if you’re getting a cut of the profits: https://viralstyle.com/best-products/rh-pa?fbclid=IwAR3goe5eg_E1_fveXoqUhypeQlPJmEwlBXWzCyuxOCUXoFgoLJuY_XoN79c

    • Todd says:

      Hi, yes, ViralStyle has been systematically ripping me off. Many sites have been, but ViralStyle is different insofar as they don’t respond to infringement alerts. They’re assholes running an asshole bootleg site. I do not recommend buying their cheap crap.

      • Gary Reichardt says:

        I won’t!
        Thanks for the response, and I’m glad you’re on top of things!