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For those of you who have enjoyed me analyzing screenplays, you can now LISTEN to me do so as I bloviate at length about various issues on the excellent podcast The Star Wars Minute here. The show was a ton of fun to do, the hosts are wonderful fellows, and at no point did they stop and say “Uh, Todd, we kind of need to wrap this up.”

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For those who enjoy cats, and silliness, I’d like to direct you to my tumblr page, Didi & Gogo, where I chronicle the recording career of my cats.

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If you were interested in what I had to say about The Hunger Games, you can read it again and a lot more cool stuff over at Cultural Weekly.


My fake bio

The bizarre website Kosmix has a page for “Opinions and Discussions” about me.  I have no idea what Kosmix’s brief is, because the articles cited on the page all seem to begin coherently, then spiral quickly into word-salad gobbledegook.  But I draw your attention to the above bio, which is presented there with calm authority, in spite of the fact that, past the first sentence, the entire thing is a complete fabrication.

The next time someone asks me for a bio, I’m turning this in.

Nota Bene

 For my readers who enjoy crappy puns and entertainment-related jokes, I now tweet a lot more regularly than I used to.

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Television Zombies

Long-time WADPAW reader , for those unaware, has an entertaining podcast, Television Zombies, where he and his like-minded cohorts discuss the most pressing issues of our day TV shows.  Chris has been following my Venture Bros analysis and asked me to contribute a little something to his show, and I was happy to oblige.  The podcast can be heard here or through your nearest iTunes thingy.  My contribution, where I gas on about how I go about my VB analysis, is toward the end, but the whole show is certainly entertaining enough to listen through, and features a guest-opening from Rusty Venture himself.

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Nota bene

I now tweet every now and then. I can’t guarantee I’ll tweet anything interesting, but I do tweet.

Blog fever — catch it!

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Kriota Willberg, choreographer, anatomist and creator and co-director of The Bentfootes, now has a blog, in which she painstakingly analyzes movies from a medical perspective, with an accent on the fantastic. Could the events of Face/Off really happen? If so, how? What are the realities of the science of Fantastic Voyage, Young Frankenstein or Mr. Sardonicus? Only The Cinematologist knows.

¿Qué el protagonista desea?

I was pleased as punch that What Does The Protagonist Want? was been linked to by the popular Spanish-language comics blog La Carcel de stats

I admit I was a little confused when I discovered the reference to me the other day — it’s exceedingly rare that anyone confuses me with an authority on comics, much less someone from the Spanish-speaking world.  I read the piece with great interest, but alas, my Spanish is no better than what I have picked up by watching Dora the Explorer with my daughter.

The piece begins:

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Programming note

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Due to a rather pressing assignment, I haven’t been able to spend as much time watching movies as I have intended this week. I am working my way through the tricky, labyrinthine plot machinations and Bergmanian psychological drama of the 1966 Batman, and will post my analysis soon.

Then, at the request of jacksonpublick , I’m going to analyze Steven Spielberg’s Munich before I move on to the rest of the Batman movies. Fair is fair, it’s the only Spielberg movie I have left to analyze and it doesn’t seem fair to keep it hanging like that.

Last night, Urbaniak came over, as well as LA theater maven Lee Costello, and we watched The Miracle At Morgan’s Creek, about which I may have something worthwhile to say when I have time. In the meantime I beg your patience.

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