My fake bio

The bizarre website Kosmix has a page for “Opinions and Discussions” about me.  I have no idea what Kosmix’s brief is, because the articles cited on the page all seem to begin coherently, then spiral quickly into word-salad gobbledegook.  But I draw your attention to the above bio, which is presented there with calm authority, in spite of the fact that, past the first sentence, the entire thing is a complete fabrication.

The next time someone asks me for a bio, I’m turning this in.


5 Responses to “My fake bio”
  1. Jeffrey Straszheim says:

    It looks like a link farm. Link farms are created to fool the Google algorithms into thinking it is a real content and discussion site, and in fact part of an active community of such sites. Companies can then pay to be linked to *from* such sites, falsely elevating their page rank.

    It’s all pretty horrible, if you think about it.

  2. Todd says:

    I’ve always suspected I was Peter Hermann.

  3. Phil says:

    So you have penned a literally endless library of hits?

    I guess the monolith must have paid you a visit back in the old country, and helped your evolution along a bit.

    And that was possibly the least laboured Kubrick reference I have made this week.

  4. Gazblow says:

    But you were so good on Hope and Faith!