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Hey folks, my new book on Kubrick, gathering my analyses of Dr. Strangelove2001: A Space OdysseyA Clockwork OrangeBarry Lyndon and The Shining is now available where finer books are sold (meaning: Amazon). Pick up a copy for your electronic device, or, if you like paper things, it’s available as a paper thing!

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In all the Barry Lyndon-ness of the past week, I’d forgotten that I was also a guest commentator on a whole week’s worth of Star Wars Minute, where I discuss, in staggering detail, my thoughts about minutes 21-25 of Revenge of the Sith. In a weird coincidence, those minutes are probably my favorite in the entire prequel trilogy, so it was a real treat to sit down for five hours or so and chat with Pete and Alex, who are great guys and very kind to a guest who laughs too close to his mike and goes off on too many tangents.

You can catch up on my episodes starting here!

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You know what you should do? You should listen to Settling the Score, a new podcast where Jonathan Dinerstein and Andy Boroson.

Each podcast they discuss a different film score. Currently they’re counting down the sometimes-baffling AFI list of “top 25 scores of all time.” (How the West Was Won? On Golden Pond?) Today it’s Miklos Rozsa’s titanic score for the titanic Ben-Hur. Jon and Andy know what they’re talking about and the podcast is great entertainment whether you’re a film-score geek or not. If you like what I do here with screenplays, you’ll like what they do there with film scores.

It’s available here, or at your favorite podcast sites.

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For those of you who have enjoyed me analyzing screenplays, you can now LISTEN to me do so as I bloviate at length about various issues on the excellent podcast The Star Wars Minute here. The show was a ton of fun to do, the hosts are wonderful fellows, and at no point did they stop and say “Uh, Todd, we kind of need to wrap this up.”

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For those who enjoy cats, and silliness, I’d like to direct you to my tumblr page, Didi & Gogo, where I chronicle the recording career of my cats.

Coming attractions

I’m in the middle of a move, but stay tuned, Skyfall is up next.

Nota bene

I am also on Tumblr now.  Don’t get your hopes up, I’m new at this.

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If you were interested in what I had to say about The Hunger Games, you can read it again and a lot more cool stuff over at Cultural Weekly.


My fake bio

The bizarre website Kosmix has a page for “Opinions and Discussions” about me.  I have no idea what Kosmix’s brief is, because the articles cited on the page all seem to begin coherently, then spiral quickly into word-salad gobbledegook.  But I draw your attention to the above bio, which is presented there with calm authority, in spite of the fact that, past the first sentence, the entire thing is a complete fabrication.

The next time someone asks me for a bio, I’m turning this in.

What Does The Beat Want?

It’s been a big internet week for me.  First, I launched this new blog (if you haven’t switched your Livejournal bookmarks, do so now!)  Then, out of nowhere, someone I’ve never even met made this smashing video out of a monologue I wrote 20 years ago, and it’s caught on like internet wildfire.  And now, my good friend Heidi McDonald at The Beat has started re-posting some of my earlier comics-movies-related analyses, starting with my look at 1966’s Batman: The Movie.

This is the first time one of my blog pieces has been re-posted in another forum, but the reviews are in and readers are ecstatic!

“You are a complete idiot!” – vlucca

“Although I wouldn’t level the charge of “idiot” as vlucca does,I would say ‘misguided’ or “sloppy.'” – S. Chapman

“This so-called “analysis” …  seems to have missed the mark entirely!” – KET

“This isn’t so much analysis as it is a badly-written review of a film that the reviewer obviously doesn’t understand or appreciate!” – John