Proof of God’s appearance

I take Sam (5) to see The Last Mimzy. Before the movie, there is a trailer for the upcoming Evan Almighty, starring Steve Carell as Evan and Morgan Freeman as God.

During the trailer, Sam points to Morgan Freeman.

SAM. That’s God?
DAD. Yes.
SAM. I told you he looks like Mace Windu!
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13 Responses to “Proof of God’s appearance”
  1. tamburlaine says:

    Well since we all know Jesus was black, it makes sense that his daddy would be dark light-brown too. 🙂

  2. ayrn says:

    I don’t know how much Morgan Freeman looks like Samuel L. Jackson, but I think I’m willing to buy that God looks like Mace Windu.

  3. deathboy says:

    golly. “mimsy” means something distinctly non-child-friendly where I’m from! 🙂