Your attention please

My apologies for the light posting recently. I’ve been working on my first novel, dealing with some rather complicated professional matters, and planning my son Sam (not to be confused with Son of Sam)’s seventh birthday party, which, up until May 22, was to be a Star Wars theme party, but which is now apparently going to be an Indiana Jones theme party, although my guess is that the guests won’t know that until they show up. hitcounter

Jurassic Park sits here on my desk waiting to be analyzed, occasionally making impatient huffing sounds and rolling its eyes at the ceiling. Patience, Jurassic Park, patience. Your time will come. Look at Schindler’s List over there, you don’t see it getting all huffy do you? No. And it’s more than an hour longer than you, and about the Holocaust! You just be patient.

Recent activity: my manager slipped me a copy of The Grid, which is a long, agency-generated list of “open writing assignments,” the primary purpose of which seems to be to make almost any potential movie sound really stupid. The movies that studios are right now paying people actual money to write? YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE.

In any case, here is a picture of a kitten.