Writer Products

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15 Responses to “Writer Products”
  1. monica_black says:

    Does the chapstick like product say “Believable Dialogue” or “Relevant Dialogue”.

  2. eronanke says:

    I want the “Motivation”!
    Ancient Chinese Secret, eh?!

  3. ghostgecko says:

    I’d like to place an order for that narrative gap sealent and ask if you offer colorful description in a spray-on form.

  4. greyaenigma says:

    You forgot the Drama Flakes! Drama Flakes!

    What I need to find at my local superstore is a giant tub of Characterization.

  5. toliverchap says:


    hmmm. I’m no consumer whore but wouldn’t it be more apt (cliched) to make the storytelling bits like ingredients in a stew or something? There is the meat, a big hunk of plot. The climax could be the after dinner treat. Subtext would be the stock along with all it’s spices and elements, etc. I’m not sure about irony is that critical to most stories or just the ones being told these days? Seems the irony card is a good cop out if a story could be considered “too ________”.

  6. ayrn says:

    Any boil-in-the-bag clich├ęs?