Wonders never cease

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Who doesn’t like chocolate? Not me! I love chocolate!

Who doesn’t like bacon? Nobody, that’s who! Everybody loves bacon! Pigs love bacon! If I was a pig I would regularly undergo belly surgery so that I could have an endless supply of bacon.

From the dawn of civilization, people have eaten chocolate, and also bacon. Why, oh why, has it taken from then ’til now to put the two together?

My wife brought home this curious artifact today, “Mo’s Bacon Bar,” described as containing “applewood smoked bacon, Alder wood smoked salt, and deep milk chocolate.” My son Sam (6), who sees absolutely no reason why bacon and chocolate should not commingle, dove right in and rushed to be the first to try this new confection. I followed suit, and Mom, more out of curiosity than craving, took a small piece.

It’s seems odd to say it, but it tastes exactly like bacon, and chocolate. As though you had, perhaps, a piece of bacon and then a little square of chocolate. Or perhaps a thin square of chocolate, then a thin slice of bacon, then another thin slice of chocolate on top, a little chocolate-and-bacon sandwich. Neither flavor overpowers the other — you don’t say “You can really taste the bacon!”, it’s actually rather subtle. And chocolatey, and bacony.

On the back of the package is an essay by the treat’s inventor, explaining herself.  As well she should.*

For more information on chocolate and bacon, consult your local library. Or go here.

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 for pointing out that, although the name “Mo’s Bacon Bar” led me to believe the inventor was a man named Mo, the inventor of this confection is, in fact, a woman.  Named Katrina.  Go figure.


23 Responses to “Wonders never cease”
  1. catwalk says:

    i’m… uh… i’m… i… wow… i am torn.
    it’s a bit like introducing your best friend to your in-laws
    and finding they get along like gangbusters.

  2. preachertom says:

    These are the very best treat and proof that there are still wonders to be uncovered in the world.

    The first time I had one was when a Whole Foods opened just up our block and they were handing out samples. According to the sample-lady, nearly every customer’s response is exactly the same: confusion – derision – nervous skepticism – and then, at the moment of tasting, pure bacony joy.

  3. sheherazahde says:

    “the treat’s inventor, explaining himself. As well he should.”

    I can understand why one would assume only a man would combine bacon and chocolate, but according to the web site it was a woman, Katrina Markoff.

    “Owner/Chocolatier, Katrina Markoff, personally chooses every spice, flower and chocolate that is flown into our Chicago kitchen. Markoff utilizes the original methods of French confectionery artistry which she learned during her training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Having graduated with the Grand DiplĂ´me from Le Cordon Bleu and having worked extensively in France, Spain, Italy, Southeast Asia and Australia her collections of haut-chocolats have great, worldly inspirations. “

    • Todd says:

      Re: “the treat’s inventor, explaining himself. As well he should.”

      My face is red. Although that might be an allergic reaction to the bacon in the chocolate.

  4. emeraldsedai says:

    I’m nearly speechless. I believe it was Homer Simpson who called bacon “the candy of meat.” Now it’s the candy of candy.

    I’d say “Gross!” but in common with everyone else, I like both bacon and chocolate, and I love chocolate with other salty things like peanuts and pretzels. So…

    God, we’re doomed.

    PS: If I was a pig I would regularly undergo belly surgery so that I could have an endless supply of bacon: LOL!

  5. greyaenigma says:

    Simpsons did it first.

  6. leechan says:

    Talk about some odd synchronicity. I just got back from Chicago today and was talked into buying said Mo’s Bacon Bar from Vosges while I was there.

    I just had my first bite and must say that while the idea of bacon and chocolate might seems odd, it really works nicely. I mean salty and sweet is always a great combination. I liked getting a nibbly piece of bacon at the end that I got to break up in my mouth.

  7. You could keep an entirely separate journal on the wonders of bacon: Bacon weaves, maple-bacon lollipops

  8. The obvious next step?

    “Mo’s Beggin’ Strips Bar”

    The mind boggles as to what they’ll use for fake choclate.

  9. jedisoth says:

    Wow baconated chocolate. Now we just need caffeinated bacon.

  10. richaje says:

    I long have considered bacon to be “nature’s candy” – and now there is a way to combine bacon with chocolate? And I thought this was Dark Age of Man but this proves me wrong. Now if there was only a way to get such a wonder here in Berlin….

  11. curt_holman says:

    Ever have “pig candy?” You put brown sugar on strips of bacon and bake it in an oven. The sweetness enhances the bacony quality without overpowering or clashing with it. Highly recommended.

    At my birthday last year, someone offered me a “bacon mint,” which was kind of gross. Tasted a little like the way band-aids smell.

  12. teamwak says:

    Part of the same food stragergy as this

    Sausage and pancake on a stick

    Its caloricious!

  13. popebuck1 says:

    Vosges chocolate is one of my favorite things! You can’t go wrong with almost anything they make. Try their chocolate made with wasabi and sesame seeds, or chili peppers!

    EDITED TO ADD: Or their curry powder-coconut bar (amazing!), or…

  14. kornleaf says:

    pork is gross
    where the hell are the sweat glands?

  15. teamwak says:

    Hey Boss

    Are we going to get an Iron Man review?

    I’m hearing on your side of the pond that they’ve knocked it out of the park. Over here it seems more a 3 star type movie based on the reviews. But everyone seems to agree that Robert Downey jr is excellent in it. I’ve been his biggest fan since Chaplin, and traditionally enjoy a nice bit a high quality escapism – so have high hopes for this one.