This is going to be one awkward elevator ride.

Almost as bad as the time Richard Nixon and Kurt Cobain died within days of each other. hit counter html code


17 Responses to “Well.”
  1. dougo says:

    At least they all have nice suits.

    • Todd says:

      Yes, they are all snappily dressed in these photos, aren’t they?

      • Anonymous says:

        ties that bind

        That whole missing-necktie thing seems ironic in Saddam’s case, isn’t it so that prisoners don’t try to hang themselves? And does that mean President Ford was in danger of hanging himself? Answers we can never know for sure now…

  2. kornleaf says:

    i sometimes like to imagine a waiting room before some form of judgement is passed on the recently deceased; think beetlejuice.

    Yeah, so imagine them sitting, reading the 3 year old magazines, legs crossed with the awkward coughing.

  3. thunder24 says:

    What makes you think that they will all be on the same elevator? 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Could have been interpreted as same elevator in the ride ‘downwards’ by the way. Funny how some people assume any of them gets to ride towards the big H? Ford? Sure if we forget everything about Indonesia, pardons and all that fun stuff. Saddam, well, do we need to cover that now? and Brown – love his music, but the man himself could have adjusted a bit better to old age, rather than take it out on women around him.

    That said, Mr.Alcott, if ALL go to heaven, there is no more logic to the story symmetry, no tension in the plot, no “up OR MAYBE down” anymore, so in fact, no reason. Just think what you offer us – do you want the whole world to turn into one ongoing, bad, university-level performance of “No Exit”.

    Having said that – your blog is required reading in the waiting room to wherever. Have a great New Years Eve.


    • Todd says:

      Hell requires a belief in evil, and I don’t believe in evil. Evil is a concept designed by self-righteous folks to persecute people who act differently from themselves.

      Certainly there are people who do bad, bad things in their lifetimes here on Earth. These three men have all done their fair share. Some more than others. At least we can say that James Brown, in addition to his failings, was also hugely talented and made millions of people happier with his time in this mortal coil. I cannot say the same for the other two.

      But we are all human and we all die. Personally, I think that’s the end of it, but if there is a hereafter (and if there is, I’ll be happy to admit I was wrong) it stands to reason that everyone, regardless of race, creed or actions, is forgiven. We didn’t make the world. As Renoir famously observed, everyone has their reasons.

  5. craigjclark says:

    Is it just me, or does Ford have a late ’90s/The Limey-era Peter Fonda thing going on in that photo?

  6. urbaniak says:

    I think you just hit upon a hell of a movie idea.