very subtle

spambot waves hello.

A brand new comment left on my Tower Records post, from several months ago:

The question from a new user

Hello everybody! I am new to the site
Could anyone, please, advise if there is a lot of
spam and unscrupulous advertising. Can I trust
all this information, which is present at this forum?
Sorry for stupid questions, I just really want know which
information I should trust or even pay attention.

No, spambot. Please do not pay attention.  You cannot trust all the information, which is present in this forum.  This forum is filled to the brim with unscrupulous advertising.

I get two or three of these a week, but this is, so far, the most, shall we say, "character driven." Gotta love the viral advertising. hit counter html code


4 Responses to “very subtle”
  1. teamwak says:

    But did the City of Boston go into melt down when it was posted? Maybe Spambot will get arrested on terrorist chanrges. These are dangerous times for spammer to live in. 🙂

  2. greyaenigma says:


    Very odd — not even a link to a site? I am glad not to have gotten any spam in my LJ comments, at least.

    Have you seen Spamland?

  3. dougo says:

    Those are really odd. There’s no link to click on or any other contact or product information, so how do they make money?

    By the way, it’s pretty easy to mark comments as spam, and I think the LiveJournal admins are pretty good about fighting it. I only get LJ comment spam once in a blue moon.