Venture Bros: The Incredible Mr. Brisby

In a cartoon, or a movie, or a TV show, anything in popular culture really, when the creators want to point out that a character is lame, they name him Todd.

This is why I hate the name Todd.
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11 Responses to “Venture Bros: The Incredible Mr. Brisby”
  1. eronanke says:

    This is all you have to say about the episode? Did you not like it?
    I liked this episode because of the many pop-culture references. Especially Mr. Bowie’s panda. Amazing.

    • Todd says:

      This is all you have to say about the episode?

      It was hard to see the rest of the episode through my bitter tears of rage and betrayal.

  2. craigjclark says:

    I thought Chad was the go-to name for lame.

  3. popebuck1 says:

    Try growing up in the ’70s with the name Bruce – back when it was pretty much a pop-culture synonym for “flaming fag.”

  4. gazblow says:

    Gary is also a useful shorthand for ‘dork’.

  5. Todd says:

    In the late sixties, my family would watch “The Doris Day Show,” where she was a widower trying to raise a couple of kids. One of the kids was a bespectacled, paste-eating dimwit named — Todd.

    I was seven, same age as the kid. You do the math.

  6. rennameeks says:

    This is why you became a writer, right?

    So you could fight against the stereotype for Todds everywhere by creating a new breed of Todd.

    Personally, I think you’re succeeding in that. *points at blog*

  7. robolizard says:

    Wait a second, I just watched that episode– the guy’s name was Ted, not Todd! These are a diffirent time than the sixties… now naming a dimit ‘Todd’ is almost… its not pretty to say the least…