Venture Bros: Tag Sale — You’re It!

Why is Dr. Girlfriend with The Monarch? She’s smart and attractive, snappy dresser. Why does she hang out with (and fornicate) with that whining, petulant, impotent fraud?

Some of my favorite Brock moments are when he just doesn’t want to deal with the drama of a situation. When the secret service head asks him if he wants to see the chatting Misters in pretty pink dresses, he stares straight ahead and, voice thick with disinterest, says “No, I don’t want to see ’em in dresses.” The difference between Brock and a lot of other characters Patrick Warburton plays is that Brock seems to always have too much on his mind; his halting speech isn’t dim-wittedness but a reluctance to waste his breath on the unimportant, which is a great concept for an animated character.
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15 Responses to “Venture Bros: Tag Sale — You’re It!”
  1. robolizard says:

    Hey! You’re watching these in order! Well… all questions are SOON ANSWERED…

    Out of all of the characters, ironically enough, Brock is most in touch about what is true in a situation, he has no grand egoism nor any self hatred, and Dr. Venture is of course a pure mixture of the two, and he is the only character who seems to accept the Quest world for really what it is, and sees a realistic victory in a way that Quest, Scooby Doo and the other Hanna Barbera fantasy characters do not, clear action rather than convoluted action.

    My favorite moment with his terse manner is when the Monarch bumps into Brock, obviously doing something to distract him or annoy him, he pauses for a second, and keeps going, and the diffirence between the two men seems more striking ever.

  2. eronanke says:

    Dr Girlfriend is the girl who loves the loser.
    What can I say? I think their relationship was adorable. And I hate Phantom Limb, dammit.

    • robolizard says:

      But he’s sOoOOOoOOoOoo suave… and has invISIBLE LIMBS…

      • eronanke says:

        He’s a creep.

        • robolizard says:

          [sigh] If I just could be held in his invisible hands…

          [Nah, I kid… but who isn’t a creep or creepy on the show?]

          • eronanke says:

            Dr. White is awesome. And don’t hate him b/c he’s an albino.

            • robolizard says:

              Dr. White IS pretty awesome. I, I look past racial handicap, for beyond it he’s quite adept. The Jehova’s witness fishman…Oliver… he’s pretty cool too.
              I like Tiny Lawyer… he GETS it… I think he might be dead though… but not dead in my heart…

              • eronanke says:

                BOOOOO to Tiny Lawyer. That dude SUCKS. I can’t imagine being stuck in a room with him! Ick!
                Now, what about Sasquatch? He’s totally my hero.

                • robolizard says:

                  Sasquatch was kinds creepy… he seemed a bit… too pleased with everything, how it was all going… otherwise he was a creepy kinda cool… Mr. Brisby is MY personal hero, him and his panda… and in the line to the Venture Yard Sale, there is an odd little space man with a Space Invader enemy sprite for a head. He is absolutely one of my role models.

                  • eronanke says:

                    Orpheus was my favorite until “Tag Sale”… Then he seemed a little too desperate.

                    • greyaenigma says:

                      He’s still my favorite. Although I agree he seemed a bit needy in that one. He makes up for it in other episodes.

                    • robolizard says:

                      ‘But it was Ziggy’s band…’

                      His needeeness in a sense adds another dimension to the show though. Although, unlike Doc Venture, he accepts his own life or has gained victory within it, he actually happens to *envy* Doc Venture due to the very exciting quasireality that Doc Venture takes for granted or that he seems to fail in. Also, he p’owns whatever neediness occurs, for example, his irritation of the Monarch left the Monarch in confusion, his attack on the villains was, in a sense, cleaner and more intelligent than anything Brock has done. His one failing was at the trial, which is a shame that as a man of dark magic he could allow such a cheap mind trick to work.

                      And Tiny Attorney, disgusting or not, is still dead and took his southern accent with him.

                      In the live action Venture Brothers movie, Doctor Orpheus should be played by Christopher Lee.

                      Also, I like the name: easy to deduce roots and story, but which explains so much to the kinds of things he MAY have experienced before moving into the Venture mansion… ah… what a good show…

                      I like Triana too. Its nice to see a real kid on the Venture Brothers, a realistic [meaning in no way cliched, the outsider teen is hardly television’s favorite type] child serves as an odd matter of fact middle to them…

                      It should also be noted, in the final episode’s final moments, Doctor Orpheus’ reactions were the strongest…

                      I REALLY like the ‘Dimestore Dr.Doom’, whose name escapes me…[wait! Its Baron Undherbeit…], because the first time we see that character, the Jaw Removal… so sick and yet so brilliant… ah… he can be a jerk though… a CRAZED JERK…but I guess thats his ‘thing’… he should appear more…

                    • eronanke says:

                      Re: ‘But it was Ziggy’s band…’

                      Hrmm. Was this episode produced before “Home Security”? I wonder when we were supposed to meet the Baron first…
                      Now I get it! Tiger BOMB!

  3. popebuck1 says:

    Why is Dr. Girlfriend with The Monarch? She’s smart and attractive, snappy dresser. Why does she hang out with (and fornicate) with that whining, petulant, impotent fraud?

    Funny, she seems to be asking herself these same questions, all through the episode!

  4. rennameeks says:

    The Monarch is a villain whose plans almost never succeed. This does not make him a bad villain, since often the things that go wrong are beyond his control (inept henchmen, the Phantom Limb, and plain old bad luck). Since the Monarch himself is an intelligent guy, he earns our sympathy through the sheer patheticness of the situations he constantly lands himself in. This is probably what drew Dr. Girlfriend to him. After all, it wasn’t his professional failings that separated them: it was the Monarch’s low self-esteem and his doubts of Dr. Girlfriend’s loyalty. Despite all of the Monarch’s faults, it was he who broke up with her, not the other way around.

    (By the way, Dr. Girlfriend has one of *the* best sidekick names *EVER*, so I do hope that she finds her way back to the Monarch. :D)