Tuesday, June 3 was an important, historic day in the history of the United States

I refer, of course, to the release of the LEGO Indiana Jones video game.

It’s one thing when a 7-year-old boy is excited about an Indiana Jones video game, it’s something else again when he sits down to play it in his Indiana Jones hat.hitcounter


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  1. oh, my goodness! that’s ADORABLE!

  2. [smile]

    It’s like the complete opposite of child abuse.

    I applaud your parenting choices.

  3. monica_black says:

    That is indescribably cute.

    Sam has the concept of fandom down.

  4. rennameeks says:

    More authentic gaming experience, IMO.

    I’m waiting for SW video games to become playable with a toy lightsaber that lets you control your character. That would make for a really fun photo op! Plus I bet Sam would eat it up. xD

    I also fully approve of his little friends on top of the monitor. 😀

  5. teamwak says:

    Aww bless him! 🙂

    You do realise you will be lending him a fortune in years to come, just to buy a mint condition double-handed light sabre or Hulk Hands lol. True geekism isn’t a cheap hobby lol and you seem to be raising a true connoisseur of pop culture.

    PS. Have you seen the poster for Oliver Stone’s “W” movie? The cast is very interesting indeed, and I’m sch a huge fan of JFK and Nixon. I hope he’s going to make it in that same style, with loads of different characters flying around in short clips. I could watch Stone make political movies all the time! I was sure before I watched Nixon that it would be a one sided hatchet job, but I came out with a respect (occasionally) for a man who achieved some great things for his country (talks with China and Russia). I have high hopes for this one!

    PPS. You might not have caught it, but in this months Empire magazine did a retrospective on Woody Allen, and put his fifth best performance in a movie in Antz.
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    • Todd says:

      Sam may be growing into a connoisseur, but he’s not there yet — he still takes the toys out of the boxes and plays with them.

      I, too, am a big fan of Nixon — probably my favorite Oliver Stone movie at this point.

      That’s very nice of Empire to mention Antz in that context. Woody Allen, I think, is hugely underrated as an actor and his voice work in Antz is very good, but I would place it much further down the list of his greatest performances.

      • teamwak says:

        Empire said of Antz

        “Woody and CG seemed a marriage made in never-gonna-happen, but his performance as Z-4194 in Dreamworks enjoyable insectathon is a treat. Neatly riffing on his live-action persona – the movie begins on an analysts couch – Allen pours all his neuroses into his harried vocal delivery, not softening for a PG audience”

        Out of interest the other performances in the top 5 were:

        4. Stardust Memories
        3. Bullets Over Broadway (they make the case that certain actors take on “the Woody role”, most effectively done by John Cusack)
        2. Sleepers
        1. Annie Hall

        • Todd says:

          That’s so funny that articles like this keep referring to his character as Z-4195 — that was the full name I gave him but it never lasted past the treatment stage, he was always, always referred to as just “Z.”

          For those interested, “Z” was selected because I figured that Woody’s character would be the lowest caste imaginable in the ant universe, the Queen I guess being an “A.” The “4195” was selected for the date it happened to be when I made up the character: April 1, 1995.