Todd Alcott: now available in book form!

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Attention, people who can read! There are two excellent new books out, Devastator #9 by the editors of The Devastator and Lebowski 101 by Mr. Oliver Benjamin.

What makes these particular books excellent? I am featured in each! Devastator #9, a typically sly and brilliant issue of Geoffrey Golden’s humor quarterly, features one of my rarer-than-hen’s-teeth comics pieces, and Lebowski 101, a volume of smart writing on everyone’s favorite Coen Bros movie, features my own take on the now-classic.

Pick them both up today at your favorite online retailer!


4 Responses to “Todd Alcott: now available in book form!”
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  2. Rb says:

    Can you make an ebook of your Venture Bros. critiques? It is awkward to navigate them all in order on your site. I’d pay for the convenience of having them all in order in book form.