Today is Super Tuesday

hit counter html codeWhich means that if you, like me, are a citizen of the United States, there’s a good chance that you live in a state with a presidential primary. If you, like me, are a patriot, I urge you to perform your civic duty and vote. If you, like me, are a registered Democrat, I urge you to vote for Barack Obama.

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the campaign. I don’t listen to the speeches, I don’t watch the debates. I know from long experience that a candidate will say and do whatever it takes to be elected and that the various media outlets will spin all that to their own ends. I know it’s all a big circus, so I don’t pay it that much attention.

I’m voting for Obama tomorrow because, of everyone who has stepped forward to claim their place in the spotlight, he’s the only one who doesn’t make me sick to my stomach when I look at him.

McCain and Romney have given the United States their solemn oath to continue down the disastrous trail that George W. Bush forged, and Clinton, although more in my ideological arena, has run a brutal, vicious campaign that, to my mind, has shown her to be an oily, cynical political animal, willing to stoop to whatever level necessary to gain power. I think we’ve had enough of that.

Finally, if you, like me, can occasionally be influenced by a cheesy, sentimental music video, I urge you to watch this:


17 Responses to “Today is Super Tuesday”
  1. spooky_chan says:

    I had already voted for Obama, but i’m situated in the state that didn’t count, Florida. I suppose it was all well and good since Hilary won anyways.

    To add to the cheese that is that video- they have Obama ring tones.
    Who would have thought a presidential candidate would ever have RING TONES.

    Have a happy vote day tomorrow.

  2. karen_strang says:

    I am saddened, but not surprised, by your decision. Wealthy, White, educated, influential, middle-aged men like you have, historically, always granted societal advances to black men over white women. Judging by an historical overview, Hillary Clinton may become a Democratic candidate in, oh, about 2060.

  3. American’s have a duty to the rest of the world to make up for the professional idiot that was put in power for the last two terms….

    • Todd says:

      Hey, I didn’t elect him.

      Oh wait, that’s right, no one did.

      • Ask not what you can do for this election, but what the election can do to you!

        My favourite cause in the last election, as witnessed by their bumper stickers in Geneva, was The Republicans for John Kerry. That said it all to me.

        That was the year Europe shook with fear at the idea that accidents happen twice…

        • Re: Ask not what you can do for this election, but what the election can do to you!

          that was no accident-
          it wasn’t like,
          “Oh do you smell something?”
          “Oui, I stepped in dog merde…”
          okay maybe it was…

          I liked when a local newsman actually did say
          “Super duper Tuesday” by accident last week-
          been saying it ever since

          btw Todd-
          just saw There Will Be Blood yesterday we need to talk…

          • Todd says:

            Re: Ask not what you can do for this election, but what the election can do to you!

            Uh-oh, I think mcboing_boing is going to drink my milkshake.

        • Todd says:

          Re: Ask not what you can do for this election, but what the election can do to you!

          I was in Paris in 2000 and found a Dennis Kucinich bumpersticker on a trash can under the Eiffel Tower. And I thought “Well, that explains a lot — his constituency is Parisians.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes we can

    Thanks; I wouldn’t have seen and heard it if you hadn’t passed it on. Let’s hope.

  5. r_sikoryak says:

    I can’t vote in the NY primary! I’ve never felt compelled before, and I’m not registered in any party.


  6. sheherazahde says:

    Another White Woman for Obama

    I voted for Obama.

    Really he is the only person running now who I would want for a president.