The Bentfootes in New York City

So this movie I wrote and co-directed is going to be playing at the fabulous Walter Reade theater in swanky Lincoln Center this weekend. If you live in New York, this is the place to be this weekend.

The Bentfootes is a mockumentary about a family of American choreographers who, generation after generation, tried, and utterly failed, to leave their mark on the landscape of dance. It is both a scathing satire of the dance world and a touching tribute to, you guessed it, the unstoppable will of the human spirit.


   fans, the movie stars James Urbaniak as a man trying to put together an evening of these dances. For New York dance-world denizens, it co-stars (and was dreamed-up by) Kriota Willberg as the choreographer whom Urbaniak slowly drives crazy in the process of putting this show together.  For Indie Comics fans, it features extensive graphics designed by master cartoonist


Showtimes are Saturday, Jan 5 at 4:00pm and Sunday, Jan 6 at 8:30. And yes, your humble correspondent will be there to introduce the movie and accept free dinners.

For more information, I direct you to the Dance On Camera website. For those who want to know who the heck Kriota Willberg is, I direct you to her fancy-schmancy website. And for those interested in the art of film scoring, I direct you to the movie’s extrarordinary composer Carmen Borgia’s article on the scoring of the movie. hit counter html code


7 Responses to “The Bentfootes in New York City”
  1. memento_mori says:

    And thusly I now have plans for something to do on Saturday!

  2. eronanke says:

    Will this be released on Netflix? They have an excellent history of promoting and even producing good independent films.

  3. gazblow says:

    Can’t wait to see you, Kriota and the movie on Saturday! And of course, I can’t wait to see my cameo!

  4. urbaniak says:

    We both used the word “swanky” in our blog posts to describe the Walter Reade/Lincoln Center. It must be thus.

  5. r_sikoryak says:

    I’ll be there! Twice!