Teh Metapost


From this day forward, the practice of deliberately typing “teh” instead of “the” for the purposes of some kind of ironic or faux-innocent joke (“teh hot, teh sexy, teh cool,” etc, etc, etc) is no longer funny. It’s no longer funny partly because it wasn’t funny to begin with, but now it is both not funny and a sad, tired cliche.

Got it? Stop it. Just stop it. That day is done.

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40 Responses to “Teh Metapost”
  1. calamityjon says:

    Mannnn, don’t be that guy. I suggest it for your own sake … humor is contextual and “teh” has its potential, concentrate on banishing the people who don’t understand restraint in comedy instead of the gimmicks.

  2. seamusd says:

    In Chicago, in sight of a busy L stop near a college, someone posted this sign in their apartment window: “Stop saying “awesome”.

    I fear this is a losing battle, teh gay!

  3. planettom says:

    I see your “teh” and I raise you a “I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.” One of those Internet phrases that grates more each time I read it.

    As Sid Caesar used to scream at his writers around the conference table, “FUNNIER! BE…MORE…FUNNY!”

  4. ghostgecko says:

    I have to admit, I’m impressed by the effort some faceless nerd put into that wikipedia page.
    So is there also a moratorium on smexy, pr0n, and that old fav ROTFLMFAO?

  5. never_wakeup says:

    Especially if the word that follows teh “teh” is suffixed with “-z0rz,” e.g. “teh lamez0rz.” Guhhhhh.

  6. blake_reitz says:

    Are you a player-hater? Do you hate the players?

  7. mcbrennan says:

    A Public Service Message…

    Hi kids, M. C. Brennan here. Did you know every year, tens of thousands of Americans are killed by loaded gnus? You would, if you suffered from dyselxia, a reading and writing disorder that affects literally mlilions of Americans, including myself. It’s bad enough to have to fight dyslexia, but it’s made even worse by faux hipster internet komedy kutups inverting letters deliberately–it’s a tired joke, and it gives teh finger to basic human compassion and good taste. And no, it will not get you laid. So please, give us a hnad.

    Dyslexia is no LOLing matter. Please, stop using “teh”. No isf, nads, or btus.

    • teamwak says:

      Re: A Public Service Message…

      Actually hadn’t thought of that angle before. I bet it is a nightmare for kids with dyslexia. Good point!

      But I wont even use text speak, and spend ages ytping texts in real English when I have to 🙂 So I would rather pull my arm off than say Da Monarch is Teh Sex, unless I was being ironic!

      Any resembalance is only my inability to type! 🙂

  8. medox says:

    Oh no, the “teh” is over?

    Man, I never really got to use it. I’m just going to have to be faster on draw, meme-wise.

  9. greyaenigma says:

    (<meta-ironic use of item complained about>|<insightful commentary>|<irrelevant tangent>)

  10. gdh says:

    While we’re at it, can we have the coroner declare lolcats and goatse jokes dead too?

    • Todd says:

      Lolcats will never die. As long as there are domesticated cats, cameras, and the internet, and people to point those cameras at those cats, and those cats look like they want a cheeseburger, there will be funny pictures of cats on the internet.

      Of course, the coming Islamofascist revolution could change all of that.

  11. dougo says:

    You should join .

  12. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was a simple typo. That’s supposed to be funny? Why?

  13. craigjclark says:

    I am proud to say that I have never once used that, even in the service of making a joke — and I’m a regular poster on the Adult Swim Message Boards, so you can imagine how great the temptation has been.

  14. zodmicrobe says:

    i’d like to nominate “meh” as a potentially worse, more annoying term. it doesn’t have the meta-ironic thing, but it is way more totally annoying.

  15. Can we put a moratorium on “who’s your daddy?” while we’re at it?

  16. Oh, it was meant to be funny?

    I am clearly slow on the uptake of these things…I just thought people couldn’t type….

  17. mr_noy says:

    Damn you, Todd! The Internet finally, albeit inadvertently, made even the likes of me appear hip and “with it.” Now, after your decree, I’ll have to go back to being just another square who transposes letters whenever he types too quickly.

    If, in the future, it becomes trendy to trip over one’s own feet or to accidentally make up nonsense words during conversation do me a favor and let me enjoy it for at least a week or two. Who knows how long it will be before historical forces work in my favor again.

  18. teamwak says:

    I agree

    I also agree that kids have been on my lawn too much, and that hippaty-hop aint real music! Dagnammit!


    • Todd says:

      Re: I agree

      I didn’t want to bring it up, since it seemed a little tangential, but the problem of kids being on my lawn is a real and serious one, which gets nothing close to the attention it deserves by the MSM. Anderson Cooper, where are you?