Suppress the Vote

The Republicans aren’t waiting for November to steal the election this time around — they’re attempting to do it right now, as you read this. For decades, the Republican philosophy has been: we will run as populists but rule as aristocrats. If people understand who we are, they will never vote for us, so we must lie to them about who we are. If they still don’t vote for us, we will steal the election. If we can’t steal enough votes to win the election, we will challenge the vote-counters to throw out all the Democratic votes we can. If it looks like even that won’t be enough, we will, on no legal ground whatsoever, force the issue to a court we are confident will support us — especially if the judges on that court were appointed by a Republican. If it looks like even that won’t be enough, we will brazenly attempt to disenfranchise millions of Democratic voters, using the most underhanded, dishonest, illegal tactics imaginable, all the while pretending that it is, in fact, we who are being wronged.  Finally, if all that fails and a Democrat actually wins an election by an overwhelming majority, we will immediately seek to remove that Democrat from office by any means necessary.  

(This is, of course, why Republicans hate Clinton — after years of concentrated effort to remove him from office, he stubbornly refused to go.)
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For those looking for a concise overview of the Republicans’ latest attempt to subvert democracy, Rachel Maddow — who else? — delivers. Why not go ahead and put her show in your favorites folder right now? It would save us all a lot of time.

(I cannot account for the crazy digital-zoom in the beginning seconds of this piece — either someone at MSNBC was drunk, or else the person who posted this on Youtube was messing around.)

I’m on a deadline at the moment, so it will be a few days before regular screenplay-analysis blogging resumes. I thank you for your patience.



12 Responses to “Suppress the Vote”
  1. I’d say thats either camera malfunction or someone testing its function… as the graphic remains the same while the image behind is zooming.

  2. laminator_x says:

    The pointless zoom was in play last night during the live broadcast. Very odd.

    • Todd says:

      Apparently one of the technicians momentarily confused the show with a rock concert. Which is understandable I guess.

      • unbeliever64 says:

        The same exact problem happened on the same night on “Real Time with Bill Maher” (I watched both shows that night) — the camera on his “on-screen guest” started zooming in and out wildly for a few seconds. Fortunately (or not), the SHOW camera was focussed on Bill — not his on-screen guest — while this was going on, so we only got to see Bill reacting to the wild zooms.

        Space aliens? Sunspots? You be the judge…

  3. malsperanza says:

    Good written summary here as well: scroll down to “Challenges Could Disenfranchise Millions of Voters”

  4. sailortweek says:

    Good luck with deadlines!

  5. I’ve always wanted a Block the Vote! shirt (done in the style of Rock the Vote!) to wear during election season.

  6. noskilz says:

    It may have been covered in the clip (I’m stuck on dial-up fow a few days, so youtube isn’t something I can take advantage of at the moment), but the Ohio lawsuit that would have affected a couple hundred thousand voters was smacked down by the Supreme Court ( TPM:Supreme Court Hands GOP Loss in Ohio Voting Rights Case )

    I wouldn’t care to put any bets on Mukasey doing anything to curtail what seem to be iffy claims over voting fraud(one of Obama’s election lawyers sent him a letter on the matter), but it may not be gong well (DOJ Split Over ACORN Probe?.

    I’m sure the McCain campaign will go into full-on kitchen sink mode, if it hasn’t already, but it may be too little, too late. Early voting has already been underway in many areas and most of what I’ve read(admittedly not extensively) on voter supression suggests that it tends to be more a question of increasing the odds in a close race than reshaping reality outright. It would be foolish to take anything for granted or not push back agaist voter supression efforts, but if this isn’t a very close race McCain may just be making his failure sleazier and more expensize than it might be otherwise(of course, if it is very close and the supremes get involved somehow, all bets are off.)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Has your daughter been swept up by the High School Musical craze? I’d be interested in your analysis a la Star Wars via your son. Also an A.I. analysis, alluded to a month ago, would be great. Thanks for your insights!