Sugar Water

For no reason whatsoever except I thought of it kind of out of nowhere, Michel Gondry’s video for Cibo Matto’s “Sugar Water,” still one of the most startling, original and breathtaking videos ever made.
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9 Responses to “Sugar Water”
  1. kornleaf says:


    have you seen lamb’s “b-line” video or chemical bro’s “golden path” vids?

  2. kornleaf says:

    Malajube’s “Montreal -40°C”

  3. teamwak says:

    Gondry got a very impresseive CV in music videos. His vids for Daft Punk , Cheical Brothers and Bjork are amazing.

    Have you ever seen any of Spike Jonez’ music vids? His work for Daft Punk and Fatboy Slim is also incredibly visual and pretty damn leftfield also

  4. vertamae says:

    Very cool. I’ve been a Cibo Matto fan for years, but that’s the first video I’ve seen of their music. Thanks.

  5. toliverchap says:

    Gondry does some great vids. He has a DVD collection of most of his best videos. All of the cool music video directors from the 90’s have DVDs which is nice since they don’t make videos like that anymore.

  6. gavbad says:

    HI, I linked to you through Jackson Publick’s journal. I just wanted to thank you for completing a beautiful circle of serendipity by posting “Sugar water”. It was playing in an obnoxious boutique area under a four seasons I was walking through today. I started thinking hard on how this video was done, and stopped immediately because my brain hurts in split-screen. Peace.

  7. r_sikoryak says:

    Dovetailing two of your interests, have you seen the new Gondry/McCartney video?
    I’m glad Sir Paul hired him, but it’s no “Sugar Water.”