My heartfelt thanks to Mr. JAMES URBANIAK and Ms. NINA HELLMAN helping out last night at CAROUSEL for the presentation of the new chapter of FEEDER BIRDS, and to Mr. R. SIKORYAK for continuing to encourage me to pursue this seemingly foolish endeavor.  The show went quite well, and swiftly, with much laughter and insights from all the folks presenting things.

I myself don’t perform much in public any more so it was especially gratifying to have complete strangers come up to me after the show to tell me they liked the piece.

The Bentfootes, while not exactly finished, is in a much more polished, presentable shape than it was two weeks ago, as well as being 10 minutes shorter and at least 10 percent funnier.  We had some (very) small screenings for friends, and Venture Bros fans would have delighted to watch JAMES “DOC VENTURE” URBANIAK and STEVEN “DR. ORPHEUS” RATTAZZI playing a giddy, slap-happy version of Ebert and Roeper on our editor’s living room couch.

The editor of The Bentfootes, by the way, is a hugely talented young man named CONNOR KALISTA.  Remember that name; this time next year I won’t be able to afford him.

For those of you who could not attend Carousel, here are some of my favorite panels from last night’s chapter.  As you can see, I enjoy drawing foliage.

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6 Responses to “Statement”
  1. ghostgecko says:

    I don’t reckon anyone taped this for posterity and those of us not in NYC?

    • greyaenigma says:

      That icon took me a second, but I like it.

      I was going to make a joke asking why no one told me Urbaniak was Venture, but I just got tired.

    • Todd says:

      They say that all shows at Dixon Place are taped for posterity, but I don’t recall that being the case last night. Sorry.

      • ghostgecko says:

        Well, dang. I’ve been enjoying the stuff you posted here, and you write really strong dialog, so it would’ve been a treat to see it performed. That’s what I get for not living in NY, I guess.
        So, when are you gonna write us an episode of VB?

  2. gazblow says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it this time, Todd. Having seen and enjoyed many Feeder Birds chapters, I was bummed at having to miss this one.