Some thoughts on the writer’s strike, part 3
Here is a concise, entertaining rundown on the economics at stake here.
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4 Responses to “Some thoughts on the writer’s strike, part 3”
  1. noskilz says:

    It’s neat the way Youtube can be used to carry informational shorts like that. Not a terribly bright observation, I’m sure, but if one has something to share, it’s impressive to consider the number of low to no cost video sharing and web hosting possibilities out there.

    How long do you imagine this strike is likely to continue? Are there any deadlines hardwired into the way the tv and film industry work that would tend to force some kind of resolution by such and such a date?

    • Todd says:

      I wish I knew. The last one lasted five months.

      • Anonymous says:

        One benefit of the consolidation of the TV and movie studios: As the TV networks start to feel the pain, they might push the studios back into negotiations sooner than the movie guys would like.

        Here’s a quote from this morning’s New York Post:

        In a conference call yesterday, Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger was the first top exec to say when he thought the strike might start to hurt.
        “If the writers stay out for a four-week-plus period of time, it will definitely have an impact on ABC’s schedule,” he said.


  2. teamwak says:

    What an excellent video. It is obscene how little they get away with paying you guys!

    Good luck. I hope you get your reaonsable demands met!