Some thoughts on the writer’s strike part 1

I will have more to say soon (I still have some work to do on another project) (that is, a project not covered by the WGA) (by which I mean, in fact, a play) about the writer’s strike, but in the meantime, Alec Baldwin has very kindly summed up the bulk of my feelings for me.
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11 Responses to “Some thoughts on the writer’s strike part 1”
  1. mcbrennan says:

    “Alec Baldwin has very kindly summed up the bulk of my feelings for me.”

    Under different circumstances that notion might seem somewhat alarming. Then again, it might be handy for those delicate situations when a Hallmark card simply won’t do. “Honey, I just want to say–oh, damn it, you know I’m no good at this. Here, Alec Baldwin, tell her how I feel.”

    “All of it, Todd? Or just the bulk?”

    Okay, fine, not my best work. I’m a little off this week.

    • Todd says:

      I say, if you can get Alec Baldwin to say it for you, do it. He’s got a terrific voice, something you’d know if you had a three-year-old son who watched all the Thomas the Tank Engine videos.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Alec Baldwin’s feelings

    This week Alec Baldwin summed up the bulk of your feelings on another matter, too.

    I just wish the WGA had taken up the issue of pay for writers who are developing stories for independent producers preparing to pitch the studios. These guys certainly pay their lawyers, accountants, and other consultants for their time. Yet they expect people like you — without whom they have no product — to work full-time for months for no pay at all.


    • Anonymous says:


      Sorry, that link was embedded in my preview, but didn’t work when the message was posted.

  3. dougo says:

    Wait, you’re writing a play about the writer’s strike? Good idea!

  4. teamwak says:

    Elvis Costello turns his back on Britain

    LONDON (AFP) – British songwriter Elvis Costello launched a vitriolic attack on his homeland in comments published Thursday, declaring: “I don’t care if I ever play England again”.

    Costello, who lives in New York and is known for edgy 1980s New Wave hits including “Oliver’s Army”, said that one of his last concerts in Britain, at the 2005 Glastonbury festival, had convinced him not to return.

    “I don’t care if I ever play England again,” he told music magazine Mojo.

    “That gig made up my mind I wouldn’t come back. I don’t get along with it. We lost touch. It’s 25 years since I lived there. I don’t dig it, they don’t dig me.”

    Costello also hit out at British fans for failing to open their ears to music by older performers.

    “British music fans don’t have the same attitude to age as they do in America where young people come to check out, say, Willie Nelson,” he added.

    Costello, 53, is married to jazz singer Diana Krall and performed at US Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s 60th birthday last month. He has lived in the United States for 25 years.

    Writers striking, musicans leaving. Nobodys happy today!

    • Todd says:

      Re: Elvis Costello turns his back on Britain

      Robert Fripp, who still lives in your fair land, also won’t play in England any more. Why do Brits hate their egghead rockers?

      Costello, born in London, discovered his Irishness when he turned 40 or so. He moved to Ireland for a while, then, like millions of other Irish, moved to New York when he had the chance. He’s a one-man diaspora.

      • teamwak says:

        Re: Elvis Costello turns his back on Britain

        Its a shame that it was Glasontbury that did it for him. Most artists are incredibally well received – Mcartney and The Who recently. In fact Glasto is probably the only festival that DOESn’T discriminate older artists. The line up across the 25 or so different stages and tents, is as an ecclectic mix of artists as you will ever hear. We usually venerate our age-ed rockers.

        Does sound a little sulky though 🙁

  5. greyaenigma says:

    Did you have to cross the picket line to make this post?

  6. easterkat says:

    (If I see one more Indie Icon Guy and Indie Icon Gal put one of their parents into a nursing home, while the lighting is dialed down real low to hide the cheap set design, I might cry.)

    What the hell, Alec Baldwin? The Savages hasn’t even come out yet!