Snake ‘n’ Bacon lives!

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In the seemingly non-stop parade of Alcott-friend projects blasting out into the cultural marketplace at the moment, Michael Kupperman‘s Snake ‘n’ Bacon TV show debuts, tonight, at the home of The Venture Bros, [adult swim]. Starring yet another friend-of-Alcott James as the titular Bacon. All readers of this journal are commanded to attend. It is, in the [adult swim] tradition, 11 minutes of nonstop surreal weirdness, straight from the mind of Michael Kupperman, one of America’s greatest living cartoonists.


6 Responses to “Snake ‘n’ Bacon lives!”
  1. craigjclark says:

    Of course, when you say tonight you mean Monday morning at 12:45 Eastern. And thanks to the link you so kindly provided, I now know that Tales Designed to Thrizzle — which I so dutifully collected — will be available for purchase in bookular form come July. It’s a veritable Kuppermania!

  2. greyaenigma says:

    Take it away magic TiVo machine! (Also set it to a bunch of thumbs up just in case.)

  3. I’d love to be the meat in a “Tim and Eric” slash “Mighty Boosh” sandwich.

  4. noskilz says:

    Nifty. Hopefully there will be more than just the pilot soon. Is there more? A quick google around didn’t clear that up for me, and oddly, the adultswim website often doesn’t seem to be a be very helpful when it comes to information about their shows – the video section is great, but sometime I wish it had a press release or official announcements page. Some of that information turns up in the forums occasionally, but the less time I have to spend spelunking the AS forums, the happier I am.