Shocker headline: Garfield made funny!

Some people have discovered a method for doing what has been thought to be impossible fordecades: making Garfield funny. It involves an ingenious, apparently foolproof method of simply removing all of Garfield’s thought balloons. 

It’s kind of amazing how well this works.  It takes a strip that has always been flat, tasteless and embarrassing and fills it with tension, sadness and mordant humor.  It’s easy, fun and much less time-consuming than placing the panels in a random order.

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23 Responses to “Shocker headline: Garfield made funny!”
  1. blake_reitz says:

    Oh, but could it be made even better?

    Speaking of the orange cat, have you ever seen Garfield: His Nine Lives? Between that and the creepy Halloween strips, it’s almost like Jim Davis had a shred of creativity…

  2. geno0823 says:

    That meme has been along for a long time. It started at

  3. leechan says:

    You should hang out more on

    Or maybe you shouldn’t. It is certainly soul destroying.

    • eronanke says:

      Yeah, I was saying to myself that this was an old meme from SA/4chan

      • Todd says:

        Huh. Is this where the kids hang out these days? Because I don’t get it.

        Now I’m going to go eat some oatmeal.

        • leechan says:

          Hm, 4chan is hard to describe. Maybe SA came first but 4chan is more based on a Japanese Imageboard called Futaba.

          The beauty of 4chan (and also the fatal flaw) is that everything is completely anonymous. No handle, no email, no name attached to your posts. This allows for a complete flow of ideas and images with no consequence. It’s beautiful and horrible.

          4chan is made of many boards, some of which are safe for any viewer like Photography, Animals and Nature, Anime, Video Games, and Technology. You post images to start threads, and then anyone can reply with more images or text. Then there are adult boards like Sexy Women, Hentai, and Yaoi. Then there’s /b/ (Random).

          /b/ has a complete mind of it’s own and many people refer to it as if it is a living breathing thing. I would argue that it is. The interesting thing is, /b/ kind of developed it’s own language, it’s own way of speaking, and it’s own mythology. Much like the Japanese Futaba. You might be familiar with the term “lolcats”. That “lolcat speak” is sort of what goes on in /b/.

          Really, from a pop culture or visual studies or media studies point of view, it’s very fascinating, though not as funny as it used to be. I would suggest just lurking some Friday or Saturday night (away from the eyes of small children) and see if you can’t keep up with the language, memes, and images.

          Sorry to ramble! I’m just very excited to share the ideas of what a website like 4chan could be.

  4. urbaniak says:

    Well, the concept is new to me. And it’s HILARIOUS.

  5. nykeyoung says:

    I used to be a garfield fan. What killed it for me is when I read a strip where Jon heard Garfield thinking, “Did they just forget the rules in the strip?” That started me seeing how badly it was written

    I honestly think Garfield without thought bubbles is a huge improvement from “tell the same joke three or four times in the same strip.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    In case you hadn’t seen these

    The googley eyes take it all the way to disturbing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: In case you hadn’t seen these

      oops, that didn’t work. you can still click ’em, though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: In case you hadn’t seen these

      This is about the fifth time I’ve come across these googley eyes Garfield strips and every damn time I laugh hysterically. I can’t even explain why I find them so damn funny but every single time I’m giggling like a Japanese schoolgirl.

  7. Todd says:

    So it turns out the internet is filled with self-conscious ugliness masquerading as flip hipness. What a disappointment.

    • eronanke says:

      It’s interesting because these forums have evolved along the lines of the internet; beginning with an elite few compu-dorks, then open to everyone, with EVERYONE whining about ‘the good old days’ whether they were there or not.
      And the fact that it’s 99% male presents an anonymous way for me to observe such things as male posturing and mentality, even if it is in a tiny subset of humanity.
      I love it. 😉

    • gdh says:

      Pretty much. “Internet culture” is by its very nature a self-devouring beast. There’s something peculiarly Gödelian about a lot of it.

  8. eronanke says:

    4chan is a spinoff, and so is ytmnd.
    Several other key subculture sites are as well.

  9. r_sikoryak says:

    Wait, when did Garfield stop being funny?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I know Scene was called and all that, but did anyone notice how Garfield sans script somewhat resembles Ricky Gervais?