See how it all began

So much history in this clip. See Dan Rather when he was still a journalist, before he became a simile-spouting bug-eyed lunatic, see Jeb Magruder do the Scott McClellan liar’s stammer, see the Comittee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP), already laundering Nixon’s dirty tricks money, months before the Watergate break-in, and most important, see the tall, skinny, bespectacled young idealist at the end, learning his trade of unquenchable greed and conscience-free ambition at the foot of the master, and already dreaming of the day he will run it all. Yes, he thinks, one day they’ll all pay, all of the dirty fucking hippies, they will all bow down to me and tremble before my power. I SHALL RULE THEM ALL.
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7 Responses to “See how it all began”
  1. greyaenigma says:

    Holy crap.

    Sorry, I mean holy turdblossom.

    I was briefly wondering if that was Guckert cozied up next to him, but he would have been about ten then.

  2. thebitterguy says:

    That’s really interesting to see. From your description I thought it might be Ben Stein, but that was even better.

    The Generation Of Peace bumper sticker was a hoot, though.

  3. never_wakeup says:

    Karl Rove, seriously? Lookin’ good, buddy.

  4. joshjeffcoat says:

    …and all I can think of is this:

  5. teamwak says:

    I hated how he turned to the at the end of a broadcast with his cup of hot steamin’ joe and gives a creepy, non-threatening grin. First time I saw that I thought “what a phoney!”. Anyone trying that hard to appear folksy, honest and nice; usually isnt.

  6. reddish68 says:

    Wow–he looks about 70 now. I guess being evil ages you.

  7. craigjclark says:

    This reminds of the shock I experienced when I picked up Jon Stewart’s Naked Pictures of Famous People a few years back. In it there is a piece purporting to be transcripts of the White House Tapes from the Ford Administration. An amusing enough conceit until you look at all the names and realize that everybody in Ford’s cabinet wound up in George W. Bush’s two decades later.