Please please please let this be so.

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UPDATE: Apparently, in addition to being a closet case who likes anonymous sex in public restrooms, Larry Craig is bad at dialing the phone. Here is a voicemail he left at the wrong phone number.

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15 Responses to “Please please please let this be so.”
  1. mcbrennan says:

    It was all over the evening news here as well. I was delighted. And astonished. Denial this complex is almost breathtaking.

    • Todd says:

      Someone mentioned that he’s changed his mind after talking with his family and having them say “If you resign, it’s like admitting you’re gay,” and I guess he would rather see this all played out in the media — again, most likely with dramatically more disastrous results — rather than have people think he’s gay.

      The interesting part about this is, I have seen a relative lack of interest in the media as to whether or not he’s gay — everyone, including the Republicans, seem to have known for quite a long time that he’s gay.

      • mcbrennan says:

        GOP flip-floppers in action…

        “everyone, including the Republicans, seem to have known for quite a long time that he’s gay.”

        I think Craig himself is the only one unaware of that fact, and equally unaware that everything he’s done, everything he’s said, has only made more people think he’s gay. And I suppose it’s not charitable to argue the point–after all, he might not be gay. He could be bisexual, or uncontrollably sexually compulsive in general, or suffering from a split personality where the otherpersonality is gay, or one of the increasing number of men who secretly have sex with other men but somehow think they’re still straight. But the mule-headed irrationality of reversing himself on the resignation when there’s no living Republican who supports him–save perhaps for the equally delusional Ben Stein, of course–it’s fascinating. We never see this kind of psychotic pugnaciousness anymore–everybody goes to rehab, begs forgiveness on Oprah, or falls on their (proverbial, ahem) sword for the party.

        • Todd says:

          Re: GOP flip-floppers in action…

          For me it’s just funny that, as far as I’ve seen anyway (which probably isn’t very far), very little energy has been expended on “Is He Or Isn’t He?,” the media instead focusing on the actual arrest and the hypocrisy. Whereas, for instance, a great deal of energy was expended on the question of “Is He Or Isn’t He?” (an adulterer, that is) with Clinton (by Republicans), when everyone already knew the answer to that question. And then the entire Republican party and their puppets in the media said “Aha! Caught you!” when they proved that he was something everyone already knew he was.

          (As a side note, I’ve always contended that Bill Clinton could have made the entire Lewinsky scandal go away if he had done one of two things. When the reporter asked, “Did you have sex with Monica Lewinsky?” Clinton should have said either:

          1. “Shit yeah, why the hell did I fight my way to the presidency if I can’t knock off interns?”


          2. “I did not have sex with that woman — Sharon Stone — “

          In either case, his response would have changed the terms of the debate. In the latter case, the second he denied having sex with Sharon Stone, the entire debate would have changed. It would become a huge story overshadowing Lewinsky and everyone would have said “Well, hey, Sharon Stone, I mean, who can blame him?”

        • greyaenigma says:

          Re: GOP flip-floppers in action…

          I’d really like to see him use “I’m not gay – I’m bisexual” as a defense.

          It’d be fun to see his fellow homophobes try and deal with that.

        • mikeyed says:

          Re: GOP flip-floppers in action…

          He’s not gay, he just does it on the DL.

  2. greyaenigma says:

    Larry Craig, The Undecider.

    “I’m not indecisive! Or am I?”

  3. craigjclark says:

    I like the “Out in the Open” box in the corner. Is that CNN’s standard logo for politicians who have been outed against their will?

  4. autodidactic says:

    What I never understand is why, when guys like Craig get busted for stuff like this, they like to trot out their whole family for the photo op where they deny any wrongdoing (or, alternately, cop to it and say they’re going to work through it together as a family).

    What, gay men can’t impregnate women? Didn’t Oscar Wilde have a wife?

    • greyaenigma says:

      It’s well known that The Gay destroy marriages. A noted psychologist hid A Gay near families over the space of many years and nearly half of those marriages ended in divorce!

      Can’t get much more scientific than that.

  5. popebuck1 says:

    I think the real question is, will his Republican colleagues LET him un-resign? Because it was his good friend Mitch McConnell (R-KY), you know, who already promised that if Craig didn’t resign, McConnell would subject him to “McCarthy-like” hearings and interrogations on national TV. As the guy said on “Politically Incorrect,” the Republicans didn’t just throw Craig under the bus, they mowed him DOWN with that bus and then backed up and hit him again just to make sure!

    So it’ll be interesting, to say the least, to see how this plays out.

    • craigjclark says:

      Saw something about this on CNN this morning. If this is what it takes to show the rank and file how vindictive their Republican leaders can be, then so be it.

  6. yetra says:

    Have you seen this musical play version of the Larry Craig story?

    I think you’ll enjoy it.