PG 300
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16 Responses to “PG 300”
  1. craigjclark says:

    “Then we will hug in the shade.”

  2. gogogh says:

    Brush your teeth!

  3. kornleaf says:

    i am very, very confused

  4. mikeyed says:

    I’m guessing it’s PG(and not G), cause he still kicks the messenger into the pit?

    • Todd says:

      That’s all I could think.

      I’m guessing that, if budget allowed, they’d show the messenger falling into a big pile of cupcakes.

      • mikeyed says:

        if budget allowed

        oh, yes, indeed, they may have run out of funding somewhere between the candy cane spears and the kitten-faced rhinoceros.

  5. tamburlaine says:

    I just saw this this morning and laughed so hard someone came to my rescue, thinking I was dying or something.

    It was the giant Persian monster-thing bearing animated happy hearts that really did it.


  6. r_sikoryak says:

    Wow. It made me learn to love graphic novels again.