Oh, dear.

I suppose this means that The Reaping is fiction, too.
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6 Responses to “Oh, dear.”
  1. teamwak says:

    I’ve been to Sinai 4 times and climbed Mount Sinai once. It would have been twice but the shop where we booked the trip was wiped out in a flash flood (true story!)

    We were even shown a bush and the guide hinted that it could be the one! Great place to watch the sun rise over the Red Sea. All a bit spiritual, really.

    Theyve de-bunked the bible stories, but still insist that Princess Diana was murdered by the British Secret Services as she was pregnant with a Muslim baby? Hmmm.

  2. teamwak says:

    The various scientists who have dis-proved, or put in context all the old testament stories.

  3. adam_0oo says:

    Listen, The Reaping was written by many different people over a long period of time, with many edits and changes, some acknowledged, some not, as a way of explaining truths and beliefs in ways that were palatable and understandable to the people of the time. It is, nonetheless full of many good lessons, morals and rules that can help many people in times of trouble, if you are willing to take into account the mindset and prejudices people had at the time (this coming Friday).

  4. adam_0oo says:

    Also: “This is a crisis for Egypt, and Egyptians do not document their crises.”


  5. This guy begs to differ:


    (actually caught this over-produced, 3D-happy romp this past weekend and it was entertaining)

    • Todd says:

      I saw a different version of this story a while ago on the Discovery channel, I think. It was, as you say, highly entertaining and even educational.