Nota Bene

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My deepest apologies for bringing this journal to an unplanned screeching halt. I have been deeply enmeshed in creating the pilot for the webseries I’ve been putting together with Mr. James . The difference between Urbaniak and myself is that I’ve temporarily abandoned blogging altogether (while developing a webseries about, er, blogging) while Urbaniak has merely moved his operations over to Facebook and Twitter, two forms of entertainment I find difficult to grasp.

However! Regardless of my temporary non-blogging status, I would be remiss if I did not direct my readers attention to another webseries (all the cool kids are doing them now) by Friend of Wadpaw and lj-er , whose real name is (I’m not telling tales out of school here) Gary Schwartz. Gary and I go way back in Olde Neue Yorke Towne, where we use to direct each other’s work, hang out together and collaborate on the odd screenplay or two. Now Gary’s created his own webseries, Money in the Bank, about a bunch of amoral folks in the financial sector (are there other kinds?) who scheme to swipe some money from somebody. Will their plan work? I sure hope so, I hate it when the plans of amoral folks in the financial sector go poorly. I will say this bunch of crooks is off to a great start — one is an ex-prostitute, one is a bitter middle-management type, and one is a woman trapped in a loveless marriage, and they all seem to hate each other. What could possibly go wrong? Mr. Schwartz’s trademark jaded cynicism and bitter misanthropy runs rampant throughout, and the plot unfolds in a kind of mosaic style, with each episode not-quite-following the one before. The impression is less soap opera and more dark comedy. My favorite episode so far is #3, "The Miscarriages," which mercilessly dissects a woman’s failure to conceive a child in stark, unsentimental cinematic terms.

Also note: Firefox does not recognize "webseries" as a word, which certainly must reveal something about something somewhere.


6 Responses to “Nota Bene”
  1. djscman says:

    Who is the actress in the bottom left corner? She looks a little like Claudia Christian.

  2. curt_holman says:

    Todd… Come back…

  3. Hey, Paul Urcioli, one of my favorite actors! Okay, now I HAVE to watch this. Thanks.

  4. stormwyvern says:

    Oh good, you’re back. I’ve been periodically shaking my computer in the hopes of dislodging whatever clog in the intertubes was keeping me from getting my regular fix of protagonists and what they want.

    I’m looking forward to some more film analysis (hopefully animated films, someday) once you have the time.