More dinosaurs

From my son’s dinosaur collection.


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    • medox says:

      Oh my god… Jesus was HUGE!

    • Anonymous says:

      Jesus was like a kid in a candy store, until those damn Romans came along, killed all his dinosaurs and wondered just how amazing he’d go with a crucifix.

    • greyaenigma says:

      You know, if those dinosaurs learned that resurrection trick from him, we might all be in trouble.

    • igorxa says:

      you know, this reminds me of a comic a friend of mine started once called “jesus, king of the dinosaurs.” i don’t remember much except jesus riding a brontosaurus and peter and john on pteradactyls.

    • Todd says:

      When Sam saw this image, the following conversation ensued:

      SAM: Who’s that?!
      DAD: That’s Jesus, riding on a dinosaur.
      SAM: Who’s Jesus?
      DAD: Well, they say he was the only son of God.
      SAM: Pff! Yeah, right.

      That Sam: he’s gonna be okay.

  1. Those are fantastic! How old is your son, if you don’t mind me asking?

    I was a dinosaur freak as a kid, which is why Jurassic Park was such a big deal for me. From the moment I could move a pencil, it was all about dinosaurs.

    • Todd says:

      Sam is six.

      His interests, by age, have been:

      1 – trucks
      2-3 Thomas the Tank Engine
      3-4 dinosaurs
      4-5 superheroes
      6 – Star Wars

      He’s given up on trucks, but the last three are in constant battle for his imagination.

      He has seen Jurassic Park, which he enjoyed quite a bit, and Jurassic Park III, which he found too scary.

      • Good Lord, and are those free-hand?!

        Looks like you’ve got some young talent on your hands…

        • Todd says:

          I’m sorry, you misunderstand. The plastic dinosaurs belong to my son, the drawings are mine.

          • heh-heh. Yes, clearly I misinterpreted the term “collection.”

            But now I don’t feel quite as bad about my drawings at that age. Hah hah!

            Anyway, they’re still extremely good!

            This is one I did in high school (probably a sophomore?):

  2. ndgmtlcd says:

    Some of your drawings look as if the models were in a play. I mean a dinosaur play, with well-mannered dinosaurs in the audience. Cultured dinosaurs of course, not a bunch of louts and ignorants like the Sinclairs and their neighbours.

    • Todd says:

      The triceratops used to do commercials (mostly detergents), and the dilophasaurus played the occasional villain part in community-theater melodramas, but apart from that they’re all newcomers to the business.