By popular demand, here are some pictures of Sam’s millipede.

I don’t know the creature’s sex, that is, I don’t know if it’s a “Millie” or a “Petey,” so I’ve just been calling it “the millipede.”

It’s a Giant Black African Millipede. It’s about nine inches long and generally nocturnal, which is why it’s hard to get good pictures of it — it usually spends its days curled up in its burrow.

Here, it selects its food from its food trough. Today’s selections are blueberries and a tomato. It selected the tomato. Generally speaking, it will eat just about any vegetables, although my rough observations seem to indicate that it prefers tomatoes, carrots, bananas and red-leaf lettuce. Give it the right food and it snarfs it right up.

Here you can get a good look at its tiny little legs, waving helplessly in the air. Curiously, it doesn’t seem to mind being held like this.

After its big adventure, here it sets about going to bed. It can get nervous under certain circumstances, in which case it will pee on you, but that’s never happened to me. It gets really sluggish every few days, which generally means it’s getting ready to evacuate its bowels. It poops bigger than its head, so I totally sympathize.

Here it is, fast asleep, dreaming its little dreams of crawling around and eating vegetables.

It requires very little care for a creature so large and multi-legged. Some table scraps and a light misting of water seems to just about do it for the day. G’night, millipede!

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21 Responses to “Millipede!”
  1. papajoemambo says:

    That is one crazy-enormous inscect, I teyy ya what…

    Crazy COOL as a result, but still crazy-enormous…

  2. ghostgecko says:

    Poops bigger than it’s head, eh? Well, I try to learn one new thing every day and sadly, I think this was it.

  3. craigjclark says:

    Any creature that poops bigger then its head is to be respected. I’ll never complain about being constipated again.

  4. angevin2 says:

    You know, these photos scared me more than the photo someone else on my flist posted of a buttplug made in the likeness of L. Ron Hubbard.

    I hope you’re happy.

  5. medox says:

    Creepy…but cool…but creepy… I think I’m stuck in a loop.

  6. mikeyed says:

    The death of Bucky has obviously driven you to very odd things, like touching, looking at, or feeding millipedes.

  7. leborcham says:


    Okay I am so not ever staying in your house.

  8. ndgmtlcd says:

    Now, if you could only get your hands on a good macro lens and take a pic of its mouth…

  9. To determine sex..

    As a zoology major, I could suggest putting several in together and observe nature taking its course. They know.

    Otherwise, you have to kill them and dissect out their gonads….

  10. mattbayne says:

    I saw a show where some little monkey or something would grab those, bite its head a little to make it stressed, catch the musk or whatever, and wipe the stuff through its fur. Apparently it functions as an insect repellent?

  11. teamwak says:

    Ever considered writing childrens stories? You turn a great sarcastic phrase that both children and adults would enjoy. I honestly havent enjoyed reading about trials and tribulations of various insects, so much in ages.

    After the demise of Bucky, is Sam going to venture into the world of entomology again? How about the Rhinoceros beetle or Goliath beetle? They’d be easy to keep. 🙂

    • Todd says:

      Well I did write a cartoon about talking ants, I guess that counts as a children’s story.

      We still have three mantises left, and a clutch of snails, and hundreds of pillbugs. We’re not out of the woods with the insects yet.