So I’ve been doing this blog for a couple of years now, and apart from a couple of stern-voiced, persistent individuals, I have little clear understanding of who’s reading it, or why.

So now is your chance to come forward and declare yourself. Who are you, what do you do, what brought you here, why do you come back, what do you like best, what do you like least, all that stuff.

In other words, if you will, complete this sentence:

Hi! I’m _____ and I read Todd Alcott’s blog mostly for:

His offbeat, idosyncratic movie analysis

His authoritative posts about writing

His cute stories about his kids

His insider’s view of the soul-grinding Hollyood machine

His inexplicable promotion of the career of James Urbaniak

His unqualified judgments of music

His drive-by political snark

His obsession with certain specimens of pop-culture detritus

Or perhaps it’s his Star Wars slash fiction.

This goes double for you anonymous lurkers.

My many thanks to you in this, the year of the United States’ deliverance from Bush II.

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78 Responses to “Metablog”
  1. Hi, I’m Tom, and I read Todd Alcott’s blog mostly for his offbeat, idosyncratic movie analysis, authoritative posts about writing, insider’s view of the soul-grinding Hollyood machine, inexplicable promotion of the career of James Urbaniak and unqualified judgments of music.

    I’m not sure what first brought me here, but I think it was a link from someone to either one of the James Bond reviews or the Paul McCartney thing.

    I edit books for a living, in Hong Kong, but that’s probably more than you need or want to know.

    • Todd says:

      It’s actually less than I want to know. What kind of books do you edit in Hong Kong? In English or Mandarin (or whatever the market there speaks)?

      • I’m in the ELT department of the company, so it’s mostly English textbooks and learning materials for high schools. I do occasionally get to do a bit of translating into or out of Chinese, though as I only know Mandarin (and despite their protestations, the literary Chinese used in Cantonese-speaking HK is not “Standard Mandarin”) it tends to get corrected a bit.

        I also try to snag the audio and video assignments whenever they turn up, as I enjoy hanging out in edit suites.

        Right now I’m working on a series of graded readers, abridged versions of classic novels. This is great for me as I can now semi-knowledgeably discuss books such as Tess of the d’Urbervilles or Jane Eyre without actually having to read the real thing.

  2. Hi! I’m Sara, and I read your blog first because my boyfriend found your Venture Bros. posts. I stayed because I discovered that you are not only very insightful and eclectic on your discussions, but you are so in a very non-pretentious, and honest way. Somehow, you manage to keep things informative and entertaining. I guess writers should always make excellent bloggers. I enjoy the way you write. You’re up there next to Neil Gaiman’s blog on my bookmarks.

  3. teamwak says:

    Hi! Im Martin and I read Todds blog for all of the above.

    I came here via Urbaniak due to numerous posts in his blog, and stayed after reading some cracking analysis of Michael Caine 60’s crime movies.

    I live in the north of England, and after quitting my job working for the British welfare state for 15 years, decided to try and do the crazy thing of earning a living doing something I love. To that end, I am trying to learn filming producing lol, and am working unpaid with a local director; and if all goes to plan should be shooting two shorts at end of Feb.

    Due to other large personal things/crisis’, and quitting my job; 2007 has been my most interesting and mad year of my life.

  4. naltrexone says:

    Hi, I’m Eric in Houston and I read Todd Alcott’s blog mostly for his offbeat, idiosyncratic movie analysis.

    To be honest, though I usually hate that sort of thing, the cute kid stories are great. Really genuinely funny. The political snark is fun, and not unappreciated, though I’ve got other sources I read specifically for political commentary.

    Everything else is hit-or-miss.

  5. Hi I’m Colin and I read Todd’s blog because I live in Mongolia and it helps to keep me sane. Seriously, LOOK AT THAT INDEX!!!!

    I love a good index, that and the stories about Sam.

  6. chavelaque says:

    Hi, I’m Cheryl, and I’m a children’s book editor in New York City. I read your blog because I love thinking about story construction — particularly the questions of structure and your tagline — and I find your analyses involving these subjects insightful and instructive. You’ve also taught me a great deal about pop culture topics I didn’t know, especially in the James Bond and Paul McCartney series. Thanks much, and keep up the wonderful work!

    • Todd says:

      In my experience, the only important “meaning” of a story is the one found through tracing the path of the protagonist in his or her pursuit of a goal. That goes for James Bond and Paul McCartney too.

  7. lysythe says:

    I’m Lysysthe 😛 I read this blog for… hm… the stuff about the kids, mostly. Often get distracted by other stuff though.

  8. Hi, I’m lili and I read your blog for the ‘new’ star wars snark, the stuff about writing (i’m an australian YA author) and the stuff about your kids.

  9. mikeyed says:

    I’m a writer. I’m here to see you write.

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