As my “Screenwriting 101” posts seem to be developing a loyal following of their own, I have gone and given them their own tag for easier reference.

Try it now!

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4 Responses to “Metablog”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! Thanks for that. I’ve been playing the home version, and been consulting the posts off and on for a few days, and having them in one section really helps.

    — Kent M. Beeson

    (need to try out the OpenID thing — I hate being referred to as “anonymous”)

  2. kornleaf says:

    all those screenwriting classes i took in college and now i get em for free!

  3. mikeyed says:

    I’m not even a screenwriter

    but I find your insights amazingly helpful and interesting.

    btw, I was talking to my AMS: Transcultural perspectives teacher last week and I was wondering if he had any idea who you were and… he didn’t. His name is Joe Natoli and he frequently references Big lebowski and There will be blood as culturally significant movies. Hopefully you know of him and this isn’t a whole waste of time namedropping, but then again maybe this will be a great duo like Ginsberg and Stalin or Bonnie and Manson.