Little Birdy

Now that Hillary Clinton has reminded us that there’s still time to assassinate Barack Obama before the convention, I feel it is incumbent upon me to present a corrective to ugliness and despair, Little Birdy, the newest volume by my daughter Kit (5). Take note, Caldecott committee.


At Kit’s present rate of literary development, her books are going to reach the shelves before mine do.


16 Responses to “Little Birdy”
  1. emeraldsedai says:

    Amazingly moving. Especially with your set-up, but a charming work of pure creativity in itself.


  2. medox says:


    That cover is adorable.

  3. Kit is quickly becoming my favorite author.

  4. The multiple protagonists and concurrent narratives confused me, but let me get this straight: Little Pig has one of those $5 pomegranate juice drinks?

    • Todd says:

      Little Pig has a yarn ball from a knit cap. I don’t know why, but I wonder if Kit was reaching for a rhyme with “mom.”

      • Not to mention the alliteration with “pig.”

        • Todd says:

          Hey, where have you been all this time? I’ve missed you.

          • rennameeks says:

            Lurking around on occasion, waiting for moments when I might actually be able contribute something of value.

            BTW, haven’t seen Indy 4 yet, but your positive reaction to it actually gives me some hope that it won’t be as terrible as I keep hearing it is from friends without filmic backgrounds. I was also fascinated by your take on Temple. It was good seeing a read on it that wasn’t headlined by “It sucks!” It doesn’t make a whole lot of practical sense and doesn’t have the same sort of drive as the other two did (real motivation is a beautiful thing), but I did always like the massive finale despite all the practical reasons not to. Feeling somewhat justified here. xD

            Also, my gaming background is spotty at best (unfortunately), but my boyfriend, who is a real Half-Life addict, completely concurred with your post on the subject. He’s since turned me onto Portal, which you absolutely MUST check out at some point, if you still haven’t (you never actually said whether you had played it or not in the original thread). Talk about setting the genre on its ear… It’s also important to note that the game itself is quite short, but has a VERY strong following. There’s some very elaborate manipulation of the player going on in that one.

            So yes, I’ve been around, just quiet and tinkering with ideas.

  5. Hooray for Kit!

  6. PS

    Did Hilary REALLY say that?

    That is a truly criminal act.

    • sorceror says:

      Re: PS

      Not directly. She alluded to the Robert Kennedy assassination as an example of how Democratic primaries have often gone on into June (because that’s when it happened, in June of 1968).

  7. urbaniak says:

    “Big birds, little birds, Little Birdy as well” is as good as anything by anybody.

  8. adam_0oo says:

    You should try to see if you can get a real life interpretation of her drawings, ala:

  9. Anonymous says:

    Go Kit!