Kit update

My 3-year-old daughter Kit put on a tiny pink tutu the other day. She then proceeded to jump around doing martial arts poses.

MOM: What are you doing, Kit?
KIT: I’m gonna be a BALLERINA. ‘Cause they get to PUNCH! And KICK!
MOM: I think you’re thinking of karate, Kit.
KIT: No, I’m going to be a BALLERINA!
(punch, kick)
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35 Responses to “Kit update”
  1. greyaenigma says:

    I really hope this is inspiring you to write the movie that made her think that all ballerinas know kung fu.

    • eronanke says:

      Oh, man, I totally agree. Ballet-Fu.
      Oh man! This’ll be better than S.o.a.P!

      • greyaenigma says:

        Vas ist das S.o.a.P.?

          • greyaenigma says:

            Of coursssssse, how could I be ssssso sssstupid?

            • eronanke says:

              Did you read the trivia section? The last one is amazing.
              POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

              • greyaenigma says:

                Ah, Hollywood. The last refuge of democracy in America.

                • eronanke says:

                  You know, I wouldn’t have agreed with you, say, last year. But now with audience/filmmaker/creative ppl/anyone else interacting with each other on such an unparalleled level, I must honestly say that I think the future of Hollywood is much brighter than it was, say, last summer, (When EVERYTHING bombed). Sure, SoaP won’t make an insanely high amount of money, but it’s not like it cost as much to make as King Kong or even the Fantastic Four movie, (for which they are inexplicably making a sequel.)
                  And everyone’s coming into it with the same, positive attitude:
                  Sam Jackson: “I didn’t even read the script – I just saw the title, ‘Snakes on a Plane’ and said ‘Ok, good. I’m there.'”
                  Truly amazing.

                  • greyaenigma says:

                    Fantastic Four movie, (for which they are inexplicably making a sequel

                    I don’t know, I kind of admire the “we’ll keep trying until we get it right” attitude.

                    • eronanke says:

                      Yes… It might be the worst thing to happen. Ever.
                      Besides a sequel to “The Hulk”.
                      And to have NO MORE sequels to the “X-Men” franchise.

                    • greyaenigma says:

                      I’ve been really enjoying the X-Men franchise. And I’ve been meaning to watch Hulk again to see it I like it better. My friends who hate everything liked it, so I figured I should give it another shot.

                      But I know, it must be breaking your heart to not have Deathbird in there… yet.

                      And besides, F42 will have… the FantastiCar!

                    • eronanke says:

                      god, do they have a fantastiboat like Batman has a batboat? ‘Cause that’d be the only thing I want to see out of all this.

                      PS- Props for the Deathbird reference. I think, if they actually put her in, I would kill myself just to haunt the writers/director for screwing it up, (because they would).

                    • Todd says:

                      Anything that gets people to go to a movie is good for Hollywood. If it’s a movie titled Snakes on a Plane, so be it. If it’s a sequel to Fantastic 4, so be it. In the case of X3, the ad campaign is the first movie of the year that has moved my wife to say “I want to see that.”

  2. r_sikoryak says:

    Kill Baryshnikov: Volume I

  3. urbaniak says:

    The child is dangerous.