Just to be clear —

“Bush Shifts Terms for Measuring Progress in Iraq”, translated, means “Bush Will Say Anything He Has To To Keep the War in Iraq Going On Forever.”

But don’t take my word for it. Watch Mr. Olbermann’s commentary instead.

(I don’t know how Keith Olbermann manages to keep up his outrage every day, but I’m glad somebody in the media is doing so.)

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9 Responses to “Just to be clear —”
  1. goodtoast says:

    I figure Keith gets slapped at least once a day by an intern in a Bush mask. That would keep me pretty outraged.

  2. teamwak says:

    Wowzers!! Thats pretty damning stuff

    But a bloody good read!

    But who listens to it? Will anyone who can do something about Bush actually listen and act? If not the surge will keep surging for years to come


  3. greyaenigma says:

    The more I hear about this, the more I get the sense Craig is just messing with us. The foot tapping, the “thank you for coming out”, the gay bar reported in the background of where he made his statement. Not to mention the indecision.

    I have no doubt about how Olbermann keeps up his outrage. I think there’s enough to spare going around.

  4. Anonymous says:


    In Olberman’s words, this is “a time when the nation’s future may depend on the airing of dissent.”
    One reason for the silence may be the inability or unwillingness to see this evil for what it is. It is capital-e Evil.
    Then there’s the vice president, the president’s insurance policy against calls for his resignation or impeachment…
    — Ed.

  5. noskilz says:

    It looks like Bush is getting some help in this game of informational three-card monty. I suppose both of them are SOL if the final reckoning can’t be rescheduled to some point after its been dropped into someone else’s lap.

    Still, it’s been a whacky week or so – Gonzales announces his resignation, Larry Craig kicks Gonzo off the front pages, someone in the GAO leaks the latest report on Iraq due to fears of it being watered down, the Defense Department refusing to make recommendations,Bremer passes the buck back to Bush, never mind that business with the mislaid nukes.

    Supposedly Cheney is still very keen on adding war with Iran to his list of failed projects – it would be nice if that didn’t pan out, but I’m not sure I’d care to have money riding on his disappointment.

  6. igorxa says:

    keith has been and probably always will be my hero.

  7. mikeyed says:

    I got the chills watching that.