7 Responses to “Indeed”
  1. 😛 I still have a big bruise from the last time I did that.

    Saw a great movie last night, called Perhaps Love. I’m not sure if you’d be into that genre. The romantic, Chinese musical. But if you are, check it out. The cinematography blew me away. Also the way it transitioned from scene to scene. It was a movie within a movie. Sometimes I couldn’t tell when the action was supposed to be real or if it was part of their own movie.

    • Todd says:

      Chinese and Bollywood musicals are two genres I know nothing about. My idea of an Indian film is Pather Panchali. I should probably learn about this stuff.

    • kokoyok says:

      I still have a big bruise from the last time I did that.

      Quite obviously you didn’t do it carefully enough.

      And, while we’re on the subject of recommending movies to Todd, he should check out Nochnoi Dozor (which, apparently is the first Russian blockbuster, ever) if for no other reason than the extremely novel use of subtitles in the American dvd version. Honestly, I watched it three times in a row just to catch little things going on in the subs.

  2. craigjclark says:

    Well, of course

    You wouldn’t want to fall down in a slipshod fashion, would you?

  3. edo_fanatic says:

    Engrish is magic.

  4. eronanke says:

    China wins again.

  5. medox says:

    Ooooh…I’ve been doing it all wrong. No wonder it hurt so much last time.