Hulk To-Do List

Found this post-it note, as is, stuck to my refrigerator door one morning.  Needless to say, between the color of the paper and the items listed, I could only come to one conclusion — The Incredible Hulk had left his to-do list in my kitchen for some reason.

(Turns out SMASH is an acronym for a Santa Monica school organization my wife needed to call — but I like my version better.)


I don’t know if this is funnier or not.

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8 Responses to “Hulk To-Do List”
  1. mr_noy says:


    Call Katy Sat AM
    (in Bruce Banner’s noticeably different handwriting)
    SUNDAY: Buy new white shirt;
    purple pants

  2. blake_reitz says:

    “Buy Mor Purple Pants” I could see…

    I know Hulk’s not all that bright, but I’m amazed that he needs a post-it to remember that.

    • Todd says:

      Re: “Buy Mor Purple Pants” I could see…

      After a busy morning of dishes and laundry and getting the kids to school, your mind is a wet noodle.

  3. catwalk says:

    definitely funnier.

    call katy sat am
    invite mcghees for dinner

  4. mr_noy says:

    You know, if you have an uncontrollable tendency to transform into a rampaging alter-ego and then can’t remember what you did during that time I can imagine that leaving little reminder notes for yourself is a good idea.