Holy week celebrations continue

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10 Responses to “Holy week celebrations continue”
  1. mikeyed says:

    He never said anything bad about bungalows, did he?

  2. ayrn says:

    I just hope Jesus has truck parking.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Either way, a letdown is in store.

  4. teamwak says:


    Somebodys going to Hell……

  5. themacguffin says:

    when she got on her knees I just knew it wasn’t to pray

  6. vaklam says:

    I live about 100 miles from that sign. I always admired the proprietors for their skill in naming. Truth in advertising and all that. I assume there are, in fact, boobies at said bungalow.

    I, therefore, also assume that their assertions as to Jim’s size are accurate.

  7. greyaenigma says:

    I don’t see the problem. Granted, all this talk of blood and sin could be disturbing to kids, but on the other hand, who doesn’t like to look at boobies?