Hard Candy

Bad date movie.
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11 Responses to “Hard Candy”
  1. greyaenigma says:

    I thought that was Raiders of the Lost Ark

  2. eronanke says:

    Cradle Will Rock. Worst date movie.
    Other than Kissed.

    • Todd says:

      Bad Date Movie to beat: Extremities.

      True story:

      After seeing this movie with my girlfriend in 1986, we walked in silence for six blocks through the streets of New York. Finally I spoke up, on the topic of how we should get home.

      ME: I think the F train is this way.
      GIRLFRIEND: I don’t think you know what the FUCK YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!

      I broke up with her two weeks later.

      • craigjclark says:

        But what about… Oleanna?

      • eronanke says:

        Hahhahaa. I think Eraserhead might be pretty bad, too. I mean, how can you get anywhere in a relationship after you’ve seen Eraserhead together?

        • Todd says:

          Yeah, I had the Eraserhead experience. It was 1997 at it was playing at the Castro in SF with a new, restored print and a new sound mix, and I thought “Well, if she’s ever going to enjoy this movie, it’ll be under these circumstances.” Little did I know that the restoration would only highlight what a deeply uncomfortable movie it is.

          I used to have A Clockwork Orange on my list of bad date movies, but then I found that there are a lot of women for whom that’s one of their favorite films. But now that I think of it, if you’re looking to get cozy with a special someone, best to steer clear of Kubrick altogether.

          • eronanke says:

            Most definately. And David Cronenberg, although, in person, he is quite nice.

            • Todd says:

              Oh yeah. Dead Ringers. Hoo boy. Y’know, anything about a homicidal gynocologist is probably a bad idea.

              • craigjclark says:

                Crash. ‘Nuff said.

                • Todd says:

                  Mmm, Crash would be a Bad Date Movie for most dates.

                  I once wrote a script where the producer suggested casting James Spader as a romantic lead. Putting on my Joel Silver hat, I went around for the next couple of weeks asking women I knew if they wanted to have sex with James Spader. The most interesting reply I got was “Yeah. But I’m like that.”