Happy Independence Day!

It is on this day that we celebrate the liberty of Scooter Libby.

Keith Olbermann states my feelings. Only I was here about five years ago. Still, it was nice to read.


7 Responses to “Happy Independence Day!”
  1. craigjclark says:

    Well, then. Just when I thought I had maxed out my outrage with this administration, along comes a fresh slice of presidential chicanery.

    This is going to leave a bad taste in my mouth all day.

  2. kornleaf says:

    if libby does get the pardon,
    i will be struck dumb and have to be placed in an assylum where i will fingerpaint and never shave.

    • Todd says:

      Bush has already indicated that he intends to pardon Libby before the end of his term.

      You will be missed.

      • kornleaf says:

        i thought his sentence was just commuted….

        oh, wait, just saw this;
        “I thought that the jury verdict should stand. I felt the punishment was severe, so I made a decision that would commute his sentence but leave in place a serious fine and probation. As to the future, I rule nothing in or nothing out.”

  3. goodtoast says:

    It’s nice to watch his special comments. So much pent up rage that the FCC doesn’t allow on air…

  4. gogogh says:

    Keith could have extended his rant by complaining about how Bush’s cabinet members have also worn out their welcome to say the least.

    I was thinking about why he would want Bush out of office. Not only because Bush just keeps giving him loads and loads of material, but also because it just keeps hopefully putting the stake through the heart of the neocons. But then I realized he means Bush and Cheney should step down?

    I’m a little unclear on what Olbermann wants.