Found on the internet

I generally don’t do the “meme for meme’s sake” thing, but, given our Labyrinth discussion of last week, I thought this was pretty funny.hitcounter


22 Responses to “Found on the internet”
  1. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    I love the internet.

  2. That is hysterical!
    And you sir, seem a tad bit obsessed with The Dark Knight…And I completely understand. 🙂

  3. laminator_x says:

    Check out my personal favorite animated gif: a phone conversation betwean Bjork and Diddy:

  4. mr_noy says:

    I don’t have much to add except I think it would have been funnier to give Bowie’s line to the Joker instead of Batman.

    The Joker is more suited to being the Thin White Duke. Or Aladdin Sane. Or Halloween Jack, for that matter.

  5. greyaenigma says:

    This made me laugh. Out loud, as the kids say.

  6. eronanke says:

    It’s true: The Internet loves Labyrinth and Batman.

    • Todd says:

      If WB was paying attention, they would take care to make the next Batman movie a remake of Labyrinth.

      And put David Bowie in it. And have him sing the exact same songs.

      • And just disregard wearing pants at all this time. Actually that sounds like Schumacher would be directing again…

      • eronanke says:

        Or, get this… JUST REMAKE IT.

        And with more explosions.

        • Todd says:

          Even better: JUST REMAKE THE DARK KNIGHT.

          And with more explosions.

          • eronanke says:

            Do you think they could cast Bowie as The Riddler? I think it would be amazingly bizarre and fantastic.

            You change the whole backstory- just off the top of my head – E. Nigma was a Harvard-educated, burnt out Mathemetician who now works as an inner-city High School principal who eventually snaps after being held hostage in his own school by a gang lead by a student he flunked years ago. He comes to the conclusion that the unintelligent should not be allowed to live – he therefore creates elaborate puzzles (a little SAW-like, but more intellectual, more problem-solving) to test the people of Gotham – it’s got a bend of Eugenics to it as well as an nietzschian Ubermensche and a light critique libertarianism.

            No stupid riddles, no puns, just out and out mania.

            • Todd says:

              “Do you think they could cast Bowie as The Riddler?”

              They could, if they wanted to lose their $250 million investment. Alas, Bowie has zero box office appeal, and is old. And not a very good actor.

              Face it, because of Hollywood concepts of age, Bowie stands a better chance playing Alfred. Hell, he’s even got the cockney accent — Michael Caine, watch your back!

              • If Michael Caine has to watch his back over that part, that would be the ONE time I’d have to consider gunning down Bowie in a dark alley.

              • eronanke says:

                Hey, they keep casting Kirsten ‘Snaggletooth’ Dunst. She’s hideous and has no chops.

                I’m still holding out for Bowie.

                • Todd says:

                  About five years ago I was involved in a casting meeting. The part we were casting was a gorgeous blond. I suggested Rebecca Romijn and the studio executive got a pained look on his face and said “Mmm, she’s a little long in the tooth.” He then suggested we find a “young Cameron Diaz.”

                  At the time, both actresses were 30.

  7. faroffstar says:

    just fear me, love me, do as I say…and I will be your slave (what does that even mean?)

    the truth is, sometimes you just can’t mess with childhood loves, even if the love is a movie that is kind of…crap. I’m sure your kid loves something that is kind of…ehhh…not so great. Even if you try telling them far in the future, they will not listen. What you can do, though, is be like hot topic and sell kids their childhood back to them in “retro tee-shirts” when they reach their 20’s.