Finally, I make the cover of the New Yorker

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Too bad the lady with the baby had to block so much of my name — and on the very week I was headlining at Radio City!


7 Responses to “Finally, I make the cover of the New Yorker”
  1. You must have Rockettes in your Pants!!

  2. dougo says:

    That’s not you, it’s Tony Scott.

  3. edo_fanatic says:

    Wait, is she pulling a Michael Jackson?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dan Clowes, to boot…

  5. teamwak says:

    Ever since I heard Charlie Kaufman moaning in Adaptation* that he couldnt write a screenplay of The Orchid Thief as it was a “long, rambling New Yorker piece” I’ve wondered what kind of magazine it is (one who doesnt respect a proformers right to see his name in lights, it seems).

    *Best screenplay I ever read