Close Encounters pop quiz

Q: Farrah Fawcett has a cameo in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. In which scene does she appear, and where?


12 Responses to “Close Encounters pop quiz”
  1. seamusd says:

    I’m not sure which scene, but her famous poster is definitely in the movie somewhere.

  2. She lost a lot of weight and played one of the aliens.

  3. planettom says:

    Is it when Roy Neary goes to the New You Shop?

  4. edo_fanatic says:

    If you were uber-rich would you produce your own written movies, or would you just live the good life?

  5. mikeyed says:

    I’ve yet to see it, but…

    your query inspires me to propose a counter Pop Quiz question. Sam Rockwell is what character in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?

  6. greyaenigma says:

    One of the people waiting for the aliens when the helicoptors came?

  7. randymonki says:

    I’m pretty sure she was the mashed potatoes

  8. chrispiers says:

    Just watched this for the first time last night at my girlfriend’s prompting. Great movie. I *think* I saw a Farrah poster behind the French scientist when he plays the 5 tones on his keyboard?

    • Anonymous says:

      Is that like the cat’s pajamas?

    • Todd says:

      You are correct! I watched this movie fifty times and only saw it for the first time the other night.

      I’m almost positive it is the one and only time Farrah Fawcett appeared in a Francois Truffaut film.

  9. teamwak says:

    Todd, dont watch Transformers! It’ll make you cry!

    Three masturbation jokes, two characters forced to show there boxer shorts, and a small robot that actually sneaks scooby doo style on tiptoes passed some secret agents, while making “cute” small robot grumbles. Jeez! Someone defended it saying its a comedy. Well its a pretty bad adolescent one only.

    Even worse than Die Hard 4.0 (which was OK), when Bruce is chasing bad guys in a truck, but is forced onto a freeway bridge while bad guys drive away. Bruce then battles a jetfighter!, survives 2 missle strikes, jumps onto it jet (a la True Lies), jet crashes Bruce jumps off in time, looks up and sees bad guys truck turning a corner, so now he know where to go follow them!! Jeez! Thats just lazy writing.