Blood Relative wraps principal photography













One of the joys of shooting at night in the hills is seeing the fog come in in the pre-dawn light.  Instant atmosphere!  Too bad we were never able to get it into the movie.















So, yeah, Blood Relative is the kind of movie where a woman wraps herself in a sheet and waves around a kitchen knife.  That is, it’s a romantic comedy.















Our fake baby takes a break between setups.















We feared this every night: the sun coming up.  Late spring is a terrible time to shoot a thriller — the nights are some of the shortest of the year.















For the last three days of the shoot, we moved to our secondary locations, most of which were inside, or adjacent to, our executive producer’s offices.  Here, Cristin Milioti gets some bad news from her co-worker, James Urbaniak.















Last week I mentioned that James Urbaniak would be required to wield a pen.  You thought I was kidding.















DP George Su contemplates a shot.  Or what is for lunch.













Our final setup of the shoot is a subtle reference to All the President’s Men.  We’ve also blatantly ripped off Ingmar Bergman, Stanley Kubrick, the Coen Bros and Paul Greengrass.















At the wrap party, James Urbaniak sings David Bowie’s “Rock and Roll Suicide.”  You had to be there.