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Keen readers of this journal will recall that, a couple of years ago, I wrote and directed a low-budget horror movie called Blood Relative. Things being as they are in the world of low-budget horror, it took a while to finish the thing and then it took another while to get a distributor. Now it has one, and boy are they doing their job! They’ve changed the title (which I like) and they’re taking it to Cannes! You can watch the sales trailer here!


8 Responses to “Blood Relative update”
  1. BenjaminJB says:

    Hurrah! Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Mark says:

    Looking forward to seeing it! Also hoping you’ll re-start your Venture Bros. reviews when the show starts up again in a month.

  3. Djscman says:

    Cannes? Not too shabby, right? Congratulations! When it comes out I hope you’ll put up your analysis of the screenplay.

  4. Kriota says:

    Thank GAWD, says R Sikoryak and myself!!!!!

  5. Mark G. says:

    Kudos, Mr. Alcott!

    Are you making the trip over? Or is it a ‘strictly-sales’ presence?

  6. Ed. says:

    Cannes? You’d better start working on your tan!

  7. Curt Holman says:

    It occurred to me that people can refer to this film by the nickname ‘THE ‘PANTS,’ as in, ‘Hey Todd, when will THE ‘PANTS’ drop?’