Bentfootes at Lincoln Center: photographic proof!

A vast audience is held in rapt silence as the creators of The Bentfootes expound upon the mysteries of the creative process.  Photos courtesy of


A splendid time was had by all at the final screening of The Bentfootes Sunday evening.  After the show, your humble correspondent retired to the welcoming environs of P.J. Clarkes with his co-director Kriota Willberg, cartoonist

, frequent What Does the Protagonist Want commenter The Editor, frequent

 consort The Primatologist, a Friend of

 whose name I beg him to supply if he reads this, and Venture Bros creator

.  We all got mildly drunk and talked about mostly movies and cartooning.  At the close of the evening Mr. Publick presented me with an ultra-cool new VB shirt/jacket/wetsuit/thing that will look stunning on me as I unzip it to reveal my white dinner jacket and bowtie underneath.


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  1. teamwak says:

    Sounds great 🙂

    PS.The Primaries are getting fun lol!