Arrest made in Jon Benet Ramsey murder

I strongly disapprove of child murder, but I gotta say I appreciate it when the guy who confesses actually looks like a child murderer.  It gives me faith in the Hollywood casting process.

UPDATE:  collisionwork: He’s doing Spacey. He’s doing Spacey at the end of Seven. Swear to god.

Who, me?


5 Responses to “Arrest made in Jon Benet Ramsey murder”
  1. monica_black says:

    If this were Wikipedia, I’d award you the Barnstar EATEN BY A BEAR AWARD. But this isn’t

    But this just made me feel a lot better about this whole mess.

  2. It’s beginning to look more and more likely that this guy isn’t the killer — just a loon obsessed with serial killers who desires notoriety (his story is full of holes, wrong information, etc.).

    In which case, the crazy S.O.B. has studied the Hollywood model well and is modeling his persona on that. Huh . . . he doesn’t really want to be Richard Ramirez or Ted Bundy or Andrei Chikatilo, he wants to be Tom Noonan or Kevin Spacey or Ted Levine . . .

    • automatoid says:

      From what I’ve heard from this guy, I’m thinking he’s just one of those crazies too.

      And besides the things he’s been saying, and even how he’s been saying it – look at him! The guy’s lucky if he has the strength to choke his chicken, much less a human being.

      • Yeah, after I wrote the above, I looked at more of the pictures and footage of him.

        He’s doing Spacey. He’s doing Spacey at the end of Seven. Swear to god.

        • ghostgecko says:

          He does have that “creepy non-expression” expression actors like to use to portray serial killers nowadays. Every pic I’ve seen of the guy, he has that deathmask look. So is it just shock from being caught after a decade, or is he playing a role? It’s gotten so hard to tell – it’s like everyone is on camera all the time.